Elizabeth Warren figures her false claim of Cherokee ancestry and heritage will go away. She has raised tens of millions of dollars from Hollywood stars and the progressive movement, she’s tied in the polls, and she just was booked to give the warm up speech for Bill Clinton at the Democratic National Convention.

Sometimes readers wonder if continuing to “hammer” this issue is worth it.  I can’t tell you what the end result will be, but I assure you it is worth it.

Warren has built her political persona and become the darling of the Democratic Party by attacking those who supposedly gamed the system and took unfair advantage of others in order to become successful.  Yet Warren is someone who did just that when she claimed Native American, minority and “woman of color” status for professional purposes.

Regardless of the outcome, it is worth telling people over and over that the Progressive Empress has no clothes.

Yesterday, Howie Carr at WRKO in Boston read my post New video testimonial series: “I’m A Proud Native American, And Elizabeth Warren Does Not Represent Me”. Carr made some great points, as he usually does, including that he and others have not forgotten Warren’s fakery.

Carr also read several of the comments to the post, including those by TrooperJohnSmith, Cassie, and GrumpyOne.

Watch this at WRKO


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