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New video testimonial series: “I’m A Proud Native American, And Elizabeth Warren Does Not Represent Me”

New video testimonial series: “I’m A Proud Native American, And Elizabeth Warren Does Not Represent Me”

The group Cherokees Demand Truth from Elizabeth Warren is now being joined by non-Cherokee Native Americans in a series of video testimonials with the theme “I’m A Proud Native American, And Elizabeth Warren Does Not Represent Me.”

The post announcing the new series states:

Natives United Against Warren has now joined Cherokees Demand Truth from Elizabeth Warren in a collaborative effort to show that Elizabeth Warren does not represent us. This project will feature a series of video clips of real Natives sharing their thoughts on Elizabeth Warren.

**If you are a real Native and would like to participate in this project, please email us through this blog by clicking on the link to the right.**

Here are the first two video testimonials:

Update: Natives United Against Warren spokesman Cole Delaune, who has written about Warren before, forwarded this statement to me:

All too often, mainstream American culture at large and the sphere of academia demonstrate a predisposition to regard Native Americans as one broad homogenous people rather than as discrete yet historically interrelated communities. Consequently, Professor Warren’s abject dishonesty vis-a-vis her extended practice of ethnic misappropriation deleteriously impacts the Cherokees, obviously, but also the numerous other tribes encompassed under the umbrella of “Native” distinction.

The precedent the Professor has established via the notions she has disseminated, in which race and heritage are abstract constructs void of custom and assumed at will, is alarming in the extreme. Similarly, her refusal to engage with Native media outlets or activitsts like Twila Barnes reflects a moral bankruptcy of potentially dangerous repercussive proportions should she succeed in her bid for Senate.

Per the barometer for tribal affiliation that Professor Warren herself has delineated in her few public statements on the subject, anyone who boasts high cheekbones “like all the Indians do,” or who spontaneously remembers that their parents eloped during the Depression, is invited to contribute a video message as long as they specify as much in their submission.


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I’m a proud American and she does not represent me either.
I get so tired of this hyphenated crap from ALL people.

TrooperJohnSmith | August 1, 2012 at 9:28 am

As noble as this protest effort is, it will go for naught. Just like her mentor and co-traveler, Barack Obama, they use people as just rungs on the ladder of their ascent to power.

Sadly, the Cherokee were just a means to an end. Lizzie stepped on that rung to get into the northeastern, liberal educational establishment. Now, they are no longer needed, as forgotten as last week’s to-do list.

Meanwhile, the Indians are still stuck where they were, dealing with someone who unabashedly stole a blood identity for personal gain, while Lizzie Warren climbs the next rung to the Senate.

And unlike white exploiters of yesteryear, they didn’t even get a stinkin’ blanket, a bottle of cheap whiskey or any beads.

A pox on you, Lizzie. And on all your house.

The really outrageous thing about this flap has not, in my opinion, been discussed sufficiently. It’s that if she were 1/32 Cherokee that would count, she would then be able to claim American Indian heritage.

One half I can understand; one quarter maybe. But if ethnic heritage were alcohol, 1/32 would come close to near beer.

    Cassie in reply to Alex Bensky. | August 1, 2012 at 4:13 pm


    For example, I am 1/32 Jamaican and 31/32 European. What does that mean? It means that I am white.

    Never in my wildest imaginings did it occur to me to check off “Black” on forms (or to advertise myself as a “Person of Color” in minority faculty hiring directories). Until this EW scheme showed up in the news, it never even occurred to me that I could have “played that angle” and gotten myself hired as a black person.

    But then again, I have a sense of shame – so I guess that put me out of the running for those top university research jobs.

I wonder if I could pay to create an ancestry for me. I’d like to be related to Madeline Kahn, Harvey Korman, Carol Burnett and Tim Conway.

That’s it, Jacobson. You are sooo totally off her Christmas card list now.

Identity fraud is the fastest growing criminal activity. It is an insidious form of progressive involuntary exploitation… and denigration of ethnic heritage.

Alan Kellogg | August 1, 2012 at 3:17 pm

I’m a proud Native American, and a white, and I represent myself.

You know… If I were to be subjected to the same, (justifiable), ridicule and scorn that Liz has been, I’s be hiding out of sight under a large rock.

Some people just have no shame. Often they are liberal democrats.

Common sense tells me that she hasn’t a chance in hell of getting elected. However, all bets are off when you consider the dumbed down MA electorate..

    Henry Hawkins in reply to GrumpyOne. | August 1, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    What self-respecting large rock would allow her to crawl beneath it?

      GrumpyOne in reply to Henry Hawkins. | August 2, 2012 at 11:17 am

      Good point… I profusely apologize to all self respecting rocks out there.

      Heh, sure make me proud that the prof mentioned that Carr read the above comment on the air despite a typo…

I am a real Native American Croatan Indians Of Sampson County NC.Obaama insiders and appointees are here from DC MD and NYC.
Sequoyah Simermeyer Dept Of Interior Appointee,His Father Ed Simermeyer and uncle James Simermeyer NYC lawyer,they have taken our historical documents in a Fed Recognition scheme to create tobacco smuggling and casino operations.They have purchased the land in Dunn NC.NC Senators Brent Jackson and Wesley Meredith know about it.Please email me and I will show it all including videos,HUD fraud,IRS fraud.Warren is no accident,Obama will use her to Emancipate thru Executive Order the non Recognized tribes and carry NC.

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