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Elizabeth Warren plays the rape card against Scott Brown, just like Martha Coakley

Elizabeth Warren plays the rape card against Scott Brown, just like Martha Coakley

In what looks and feels like a reincarnation of the bizarre 2010 Martha Coakley rape mailer attack on Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren has put together a graphic on her facebook page that attempts to take advantage of the Todd Akin controversy by tying Brown to some supposed Republican pro-rape agenda.

Here is what Warren posted on her Facebook page:

The agenda of the Republican Party is to limit access to health care services. It’s to deny women equal pay for equal work. It’s to cut funding for Planned Parenthood. And it’s to select as a vice presidential nominee someone who co-sponsored legislation with Rep. Akin to ‘redefine rape.’

Scott Brown and other Republicans want to pretend Todd Akin is an isolated individual, but he is clearly in line with the Republican agenda.

Even a supporter of Warren commented on the facebook post that this was more than a bit tenuous:

Plus, prior to Warren’s Facebook post, Brown had already called for the withdrawal of Akin over the remarks:

As a husband and father of two young women, I found Todd Akin’s comments about women and rape outrageous, inappropriate and wrong…There is no place in our public discourse for this type of offensive thinking. Not only should he apologize, but I believe Rep. Akin’s statement was so far out of bounds that he should resign the nomination for US Senate in Missouri.

Just like Martha Coakley’s supporters, Warren could not wait to try to pin the rape label on Brown for her own political advantage. Here is the mailer sent by Massachusetts Democrats against Brown in 2010. It carries essentially the same overall message (Brown is insensitive to rape victims) as Warren’s Facebook poster:

Playing the rape card unfairly came back to haunt Coakley, as Coakley was condemned even by liberal commentators.

It should be the same for Warren, who shamelessly took one of the most sensitive of crimes to make inflammatory accusations against Brown without Brown having any involvement.

The people of Massachusetts will ultimately provide judgment, as they did in 2010, as to these types of campaign tactics. Warren once again has shown herself to lack the judgment for the job.

WAJ adds: Maybe, just maybe, Massachusetts is growing sick of getting hammered by Warren’s unsavory campaign tactics and false personal narrative:


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Republicans need to remember the saying by either Abraham Lincoln or Mark Twain: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”.

This is an important lesson. If you don’t know the answer, shut up.

There’s no place in our public discourse for this type of thinking.”

DUKE LACROSSE players falsely accused of Rape

Mrs. Warren, where should we file the above?

“Claire McCaskill and the DNC claimed that Akin wants to control women’s bodies. This coming from the woman and party who championed Obamacare, a law that will legitimately control all women’s bodies, and men’s bodies, too. ”

There is the truth.

Warren is a Collectivist. Collectivists LIVE by the lie. They have totally adopted it as means of daily living, and it cannot be at all surprising when we see them doing what it is they do.

And, if low-information women voters think they are imposed on now by government, wait until they are having to go to the equal of the DMV for care, and their entire medical history is held by the tender mercies of Big Brother.

Cassandra Lite | August 20, 2012 at 5:09 pm

Brian Sullivan, the tweeter, calls Lizzie our for going over the top…then says she’s going to be a great senator.

Just about says it all. This is about power—getting it and wielding it by whatever means necessary—nothing more.


Anytime you can invoke the name “Martha Coakley” in to a Massachusetts Senate race…well…

You’re Winning.

These people are pure evil.

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Henry Hawkins | August 20, 2012 at 5:55 pm

“Scott Brown leads in our new Massachusetts poll…first time since June 2011…that will be out tomorrow.”

Keep pounding this rock, Professor. It’s working.

Elizabeth Warren must be a patently stupid person to be bringing this up.

As far as I can tell, she has never been raped or a victim of sexual assault; I certainly hope that she never has either.

But it should not be forgotten that Senator Brown has been a victim.

I know that Brown has quite a temper if agitated, and he is a fearless debater as well.

If Grandma Lizzie wants to go there, she should be forewarned.

This race (whoops — was that a racial comment?) is Scott Brown’s to lose. He just has to go full out on this soul-less academic and personal fraud (and possibly criminal, considering she lied about her heritage to gain grants at school), and proud creator of #Occupy-Stupid.

Everything about Warren is low-hanging fruit(no body imagery intended). We’ll see what Brown is made of.

“1736 Women were raped in Massachusetts in 2008”

Maybe if more of them were allowed and encouraged to get concealed carry permits there would have been fewer rapes and more dead rapists.
(Yes, I live in Mass.)

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