I posted yesterday about a disgusting mailer used by the Massachusetts Democratic Party to allege that Scott Brown wants rape victims turned away from hospitals.

As I explained, the allegation is false, twists out of all reality the legislation Brown proposed on the “morning after pill,” and ignores that Martha Coakley herself supports the Senate health care bill which has a religious exemption against providing abortion related services or referrals, even in the case of rape.

Now Greg Sargent at Plum Line and Ben Smith at Politico have called the Coakley campaign out on this piece of trash.

Of course, Martha Coakley is silent on this abuse of the rape issue by her close associates at the Mass Dem Party.

I’m sure, once Coakley gets around to it, she’ll say “I’m shocked.” Sometime after Tuesday.

Update: Here’s what the decidedly liberal Taylor Marsh has to say about this mailing, Karl Rove on Steroids:
I am disgusted and I thought they couldn’t top the World Trade Center gaffe. Into this Pres. Obama will walk tomorrow….Now, I love a good political fight, all things fair and all, but someone should tell Democrats that you draw the line on using rape victims in a mailer. Or maybe that’s just my delicate sensibilities. If this is what is being sent out by Democrats in Massachusetts to obviously help Martha Coakley bring affluent and suburban women, regardless of parties, to the polls on Tuesday. She’s finished, whether she wins or not.Let’s just hope the White House had nothing to do with this, not even giving a nod, though I wouldn’t put anything past David Axelrod.
And now The Washington Post has a story about Brown filing a defamation claim under a Massachusetts law prohibiting false statements about a political candidate, based on the clearly false mailing (h/t Gateway Pundit):

A section of the Massachusetts General Laws prohibits false statements against political candidates that are designed or tend “to aid or to injure or defeat such candidate,” with a penalty of to $1,000 fine and up to six months in prison.

So who will prosecute this? Martha Coakley, the Attorney General? Regardless, it looks like Marsh was right and Obama is walking into this, not that the story has gone national.
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