We know that Elizabeth Warren was not Cherokee or any other Native American tribe when she listed herself that way for the national law faculty directory, at U. Penn. and Harvard Law Schools for federal reporting purposes, and as a “woman of color” in the Harvard Women’s Law Journal.

But was Elizabeth Warren ever a factory owner, or part owner of a factory?  Isn’t it important to know if the woman who rocketed to progressive rock star status on the back of a video bashing factory owners was herself at any point in her life a factory owner, in whole or in part?

Don’t we need to go back into Warren’s financial history to before the time, about four years ago, when she started thinking seriously about running for public office and started shuffling her financial life to cleanse the public record of just how she accumulated such vast wealth?

Aren’t the voters of Massachusetts entitled to know if Elizabeth Warren ever hammered the middle class and kept too big a hunk of what she earned from roads the rest of us paid for?

But we may never know if Elizabeth Warren was a factory owner, because she will not release more than four years of tax returns even though she demanded that Scott Brown release 20 years of returns.  True, Warren withdrew that demand when it was pointed out that Brown already had released six years of returns, two more than Warren.

But Warren’s rank hypocrisy being exposed does not answer the question about whether Warren ever owned a factory or part of a factory.

I don’t know whether Elizabeth Warren ever was a factory owner.  But shouldn’t she have to prove that she wasn’t?


In other news, here is the latest video released by the group Natives United Against Warren: