Disgraced former Mayor of Providence David Cicilline, who was forced to admit he lied to voters about Providence’s financial health when running for Congress in 2010, is out with a new television ad which is typical of how Rhode Island politicians buy votes with taxpayer money:

There isn’t much of a record for Cicilline to run on, so it’s no surprise he’s resorted to this type of campaigning. Also expect Ciciline to give a re-run of his 2010 Scare Grandma Tour, in which he toured senior centers and falsely told the elderly they might not get their checks if the Republicans took over.

Cicilline’s challenger is Republican Brendan Doherty, the former Superintendent of the State Police.

I haven’t had a chance to meet Doherty yet, but by all accounts he’s a completely straight shooter. Doherty was ahead in some polls taken over the winter, let’s see how Doherty holds up against a completely shameless campaigner like Cicilline.

This is a winnable flip-seat.  While Doherty is a Northeastern Republican in the Scott Brown mold, that is what can work here in the most Democratic state in the country.

This race is on the Operation Counterweight list.  Please donate to Doherty here.