The group Cherokees Demand Truth From Elizabeth Warren has released a video about their trip to Boston, when Warren refused to meet with them.

The women wanted to provide Warren with documentary evidence of her genealogy showing that Warren was not Cherokee, and to present her with issues facing real Native Americans.

Instead, Warren’s campaign falsely accused the Cherokees of working for the Brown campaign. While the Warren campaign demonized the women (and even me), the Warren campaign never disputed the genealogical facts presented by the women that Warren is not and never was Cherokee.

In fact, we have learned that Warren’s own nephew researched her family’s supposed Native American ancestry a decade ago, and termed it a rumor.  Yet upon that rumor Warren built a personal and professional racial narrative.

The title of the video is “Cherokees Still Demand Truth From Elizabeth Warren.”

The text in the video includes the following:

How do you walk with your head held high?

You can’t even look me  in the eye.