Well, this is interesting.

The University of Virginia is defending its former (and soon to be again?) President Teresa Sullivan against allegations by a former Rutgers law professor revealed in a Breitbart.com series by Michael Patrick Leahy, concerning a book co-authored with Elizabeth Warren.  Background on the allegations is here, and on the alleged “whitewash” investigation here.

Now U.Va is hitting back, as reported in a new post by Leahy, Exonerated? Warren Academic Battle Continues:

Carol Wood, University of Virginia Associate Vice President and University Spokesperson, claimed yesterday in an interview with the Washington Post that the 1991 University of Texas whitewash report into allegations of scientific misconduct made against UVA President Teresa A. Sullivan and Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren exonerated them….

Leahy has followed up with U.Va disputing the claims of exoneration.  I’m sure he’ll have more to come.

Update:  Teresa Sullivan was just reinstated as President of U.Va.