Michael Patrick Leahy rolls out the second in his series of four posts on the investigation — or meaningful lack thereof — into allegations of “scientific misconduct” and misleading use of data contained in a scathing review of Warren’s book,  As We Forgive Our Debtors: Bankruptcy and Consumer Credit in America, by then Rutgers law professor Philip Shuchman.

Leahy looks into investigations conducted by The University of Texas, and concludes that the investigations were inadequate, University of Texas Whitewash of Elizabeth Warren Scientific Misconduct Charge Entangles UVA, UC Presidents:

The lack of serious scrutiny of Ms. Warren’s academic research has continued for the subsequent two decades. Questions about Ms. Warren’s empirical studies have not been fully explored, and specific policies she has promoted–in particular those that led in 2010 to the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act and its onerous Consumer Financial Protection Bureau–have been imposed upon the public.

Breitbart News is not alleging that Sullivan, Warren, and Westbrook engaged in scientific misconduct. We are, however, presenting evidence that suggests the 1991 investigation conducted by the University of Texas into the allegations brought by Philip Shuchman in his scathing sixty page review of the book Sullivan, Warren, and Westbrook co-authored in 1989 was neither thorough nor exculpatory.

The story of Warren’s tendency to take limited data sets and jump to questionable politicized conclusions is not as easy to tell as her false claim to Cherokee heritage.

The data story has been told by law professor Todd Zywicki and writer Meghan McArdle (also here), but it does not fit easily in a newspaper headline or a soundbite.

Read Leahy’s post, and you will come to the conclusion that Warren’s rising academic stardom was protected much in the way her tenuous claim to Cherokee heritage never was questioned by Harvard and Penn law schools even when used for federal reporting.

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