I attended the Netroots Nation progressive convention this morning in Providence, Rhode Island.   The session was titled “American Indian Caucus.”

When I asked the panel about Elizabeth Warren’s false claims to be Cherokee, they became defensive and accusatory, refused to condemn Warren or seek an apology even though genealogical information shows Warren is not Cherokee, and falsely accused me of being racist.

The American Indian Caucus panelists included Paula Dove Jennings, Daily Kos staff writer Timothy Lange, and Neeta Lind of Navajo Nation.

Dove Jennings spoke for an hour about her American Indian heritage, and the importance of the American Indian community staying visible. “I wondered to myself, what is a ‘real Indian,'” said Dove Jennings. “….It’s time we speak the truth.”

Dove Jennings admits in the video to falsely claiming to be Narragansett: “I know I’m not. I’m Niantic.” Dove Jennings on Warren:

First of all I don’t know how anybody can say she “falsely” identified herself. I think, from what I have read, that she has identified she has native blood in her. It’s probably or could be, Cherokee or some other nation….Elizabeth Warren–god bless her–I give her all the credit in the world, because there’s so many people don’t want to acknowledge who or what they are….I don’t think she’s falsely claiming it. I feel she has grown up being proud of this history of being, or having native blood in her then I say, “thank you Elizabeth Warren.”

Mid-question, Timothy Lange cut me off to ask me to identify myself. After I had finished asking my question, as the crowd began to shout me down, one of the people in the audience said, “she must be with Breitbart.”

A Daily Kos photographer rushed from the back of the room and began taking pictures of my face from three feet away. The woman from Daily Kos refused to tell me who she was affiliated with when I asked her. She said “i’m here for myself.” See the Daily Kos photographer’s post about me here:

This woman just trolled the Native American Caucus, shooting video while trying to provoke material she could use to embarrass Elizabeth Warren, presumably on behalf of Scott Brown.  (I doubt she’s connected to his campaign.  I presume she admires Breitbart.)

Take a good look at this picture, especially if you’re at NN in Providence:

She quickly ran out of the room once she got made unwelcome.  Well, and right after I took this picture.  Dopper ran after her, trying to get more info.  I got the best picture of her, thus this diary.

And, please, people – don’t talk to her.  Don’t give her anything she could manipulate or use in any way!!!


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