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My radio interview with Boston’s WRKO about Elizabeth Warren

My radio interview with Boston’s WRKO about Elizabeth Warren

I was guest on Todd Feinburg of Boston’s WRKO radio show this morning. I spoke about my experience covering Elizabeth Warren at the Netroots conference this past weekend.

Listen to my segment below, or click here to access it on their website.

Watch this at WRKO


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Golly, Professor Jacobson, don’t you feel even the least bit guilty for imposing your cultural standards on Elizabeth Warren? Who’s to say that her Native American standards and cultural norms are not as valuable as yours?

I stand with her on this sort of thing. Our family is Ashkenazic as far back as we know; probably a bit of unwanted Cossack in there. But like Warren, our “family lore” has it that we are directly related to the British royal family.

Ah, yes, many’s the time at seder or a bar mitzvah we’ve regaled ourselves with the family lore as to how Uncle Shmuel used to ride to the hounds with the Prince of Wales, and how once a week Great Aunt Sophie and Queen Victoria would get together for tea, mah-jongg, and complaining about the kids.

So my next trip to England I won’t bother with a hotel. I’ll just call up Cousin Liz. “Come on over,” she’ll say, “and bring the mishpocha with you.”

Let the record reflect, I am proud to say, that my ancestors appeared before the royal courts of Europe…unfortunately, most of them were convicted.

Warren is going to be hectored over this issue through the election. Her duck-the-question tactic is not effective; in fact, it’s making her look really foolish. On several videos you can see fright in her eyes when these questions are hurled at her. She doesn’t know what to do.

The lefty press will not be able to pull her iron out of this fire, a fire of Warren’s own making. LOL. Her only strategy now is to go to “safe” venues, but even that’s going to be dangerous. Granny Warren didn’t expect Anne’s questions at Netroots!

And the debates! She will probably demand ground rules from moderators and questioners that no Cherokee questions allowed. See how well that holds up! Scott Brown will get in his zingers.

Warren is proving in spades a life lesson, honesty is always the best policy. The whole episode however gives more and more voters real insight into liberal/Democratic thinking and its hypocrisy in action. She gamed the AA system and thought nothing of it, and the Democrats are not only excusing her, they’re applauding her !!! Yikes,

The interview has been quite helpful to me. Warren is considered by the panel, it seems to me, to be vicariously “Cherokee.” Now, this is to be understood not in a philological sense of the term, but in a physiological sense.

By not having the physical characteristics which one might normally anticipate of a “Cherokee,” she presents herself, in appearance, as Caucasian. Thus, she might be able to function as a “Cherokee” without having to overcome barriers or obstacles that a Native American might. So, she looks rather WASP-ish, but she thinks, feels, and believes as a “Cherokee” which, therefore, allows her to vicariously function as one.

Anne, that interview really helped me. I’ve got my mind right. What a relief. I, also, liked the part about working in “tag-team.” It might be worth a try.

LukeHandCool | June 13, 2012 at 1:00 pm

Mr Feinburg called you a “brave” woman … this is how a family lore is born.

Great job, Anne!

Strong work on keeping this issue in the news in Massachusetts. Good interview!

Voters in MA need all the information they can get regarding Elizabeth Warren’s decision to commit academic ethnic fraud, because outside of the Herald and some talk radio stations the topic is not getting much attention in the media (pandering, hand-waving, “really, it’s okay” opinion pieces don’t count).

People deserve to know the specifics of this issue – because once they know the details, their opinion of Warren changes. A lot.

Now, if you could just get an interview on WBUR! 🙂

More trouble for Warren! She’ll be one of the topics on Hannity on Fox tonight.

No mercy expected…

Anne – great interview. I was wondering about the Native American panel at Netroots Nation so I am glad that point came up in the interview. Amazing these folks have no qualms about finally getting an invite only to provide political cover for Fauxcahontas. Had you not asked the only intellectually honest question in the room, one has to wonder when they would have gotten around to asking the question of themselves. Perhaps they’d have gotten around to it next year when there will be little need for another Native American panel at the Nutroot conclave.

Are Native Americans [Indians] so desperate for a hero that they will accept this fraud? Pathetic!
Keep punchin’, Anne.

Mark Michael | June 20, 2012 at 10:04 pm

Do you have any insight into what’s going at the U. of Virginia with the firing of President Kathleen O’Sullivan by the school’s board? The WaPo article I read had zip about the reason(s) why. The entire story was complaining that proper procedures weren’t followed.

Thought occurred to me that perhaps her partnership in fraudulent research with Elizabeth Warren on housing issues back in the 1980s when they wrote that book might be part of it. Then again, that may be too optimistic a hope.

One story suggested it was that she wasn’t pursuing online education ideas aggressively enough. It’s hard to imagine that sort of thing would merit an emergency firing with nothing said about it beforehand. So I think that’s a red herring.

It is very frustrating to read the news stories about it, since they are all about process, failure to follow the “rules” for proper firings, etc., and nothing about what her offense(s) might be.

Is there some possibility that Legal Insurrection can look into it? Or put out a call for inputs from people who might have an inkling of what’s what at UVa?