I wasn’t going to do an Elizabeth Warren post today.  Really.

But in my in-box was a link to this story at The Boston Herald, Elizabeth Warren shuts door on Herald’s inquiry (video at the link):

Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren, in a sequel to an awkward on-camera encounter this week about her claim to Native American heritage, bolted from a campaign event yesterday, refusing to answer a Herald reporter’s questions about the controversy.

Moments after giving the keynote speech at the Young Democrats of Massachusetts convention, Warren and her handlers hustled out a rear exit of the SEIU 1199 offices in Dorchester. She climbed into the passenger side of an SUV and closed the door as a Herald reporter asked her a question and a photographer rolled video….

Yesterday’s SUV exit evoked memories of the great escape U.S. Sen. John Kerry pulled off in the summer of 2010, when he slammed a car door on a pack of newshounds eager to know how he would pony up the Massachusetts taxes on a $7 million yacht he’d docked in Rhode Island.

This whole Cherokee high cheekbones, Aunt Bea, my mother told me so, I stand by it even though the evidence is otherwise, I’m 1/32 Cherokee until I’m not, I never used it professionally until you found the AALS directory, it never came up at Harvard prior to my hire except now it turns out that the Women’s Law Journal called me a “woman of color” in 1993 … this whole thing makes no sense.

If Warren had nothing to hide, she’d just call a press conference and answer all the questions reporters had until the last question was asked and answered.

She’d authorize and demand that Harvard Law release not only her employment file and all references to her alleged minority status, but also the entire hiring file including everything about how it was she was recruited.  She’d also demand release the files of all persons and committees tasked with increasing the diversity of Harvard Law’s faculty.

You’d think Warren would want to put the issue to rest, as even supporters like Ed Schlutz and Alan Colmes are saying she needs to do.

When questions were raised about Scott Brown’s military service, he authorized the release of his records.  Scott Brown was not running from anything.  Elizabeth Warren apparently is.

Something is not right here.  Call it a gut feeling or a nose for trouble.  There’s something out there.


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