Alan Colmes appears to be going the Ed Schultz route and practically begging Elizabeth Warren just to come clean.

Like Schultz, Colmes still is a supporter, but feels a pain from Warren twisting in the winds which have come sweeping off the plains of Warren’s obfuscation and deception.

Mary Sanchez, a columnist for McClatchy, claims that Warren is being “cowardly smeared” in a bizarre column which suggests that opponents of Warren are questioning her cheekbones (Dear Mary, Liz is the one who brought that up, it’s her opponents who think it’s ridiculous).  Yet even Sanchez sees that Warren is heading down a dead end trail:

From a campaign standpoint, Warren hasn’t done much to end this silly brouhaha. She ought to either offer documented proof of her lineage or fess up to indulging uncritically in family lore.

Those who thought it was over are finding out it’s not over and will not be over until Warren sings the truth.