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Director of “Hating Breitbart” film clowns Occupiers by joining protest

Director of “Hating Breitbart” film clowns Occupiers by joining protest

Spotted: the director of the upcoming documentary “Hating Breitbart” clowning the Occupy protesters by joining their crowd Monday afternoon:

Better yet, Rebel Pundit got out and led the crowd in chants, holding a “Breitbart Is Here” sign:

Seems just like the time Andrew Breitbart led Code Pink anti-capitalism protesters through the streets on his roller blades after joining the crowd shouting “hey, hey Ho Chi Minh!”


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love it! Funny enough, most of these idiots probably have no clue who breitbart is or what that sign even means. But Breitbart has indeed inflitrated the radical left to expose them!

Observing conservatives, I rate our chances in November the way Goldilocks rated porridge.

Fatalism, i.e. making token efforts while expecting to lose. Too cold.

Anger at the opposition. Anger suggests frustration; winners don’t project frustration. Too hot.

Mocking the opposition signals confidence. (This was working well in 2008 until McCain went off the rails as the financial crisis broke.) Just right!

Q: Why are you protesting?
A: I dunno.
Q: What are you against?
A: Rich people.
Q: Don’y you want to be rich?
A: No. Then I will have to share my riches with the rest of these jackasses.

I wish the drum circlers would learn a new beat, they have literally beat that tribal polyphonic jamaica/west africa meets american southwest beat into the piss-soaked, feces and filth riddled ground beneath their extremely nasty feet. barf.