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Dear Wisconsin Republicans: Take nothing for granted

Dear Wisconsin Republicans: Take nothing for granted

There already are efforts to bus supporters of the recall to the polls for early voting.

There’s nothing illegal or unethical about that, so long as only eligible voters vote.  But it’s a reminder that some good polling is not a substitute for going to the polls on June 5.

Via WISN (video at the link):

Many groups have organized  campaigns to help encourage voters to get to the polls. But a third-party group  is already producing results in the form of absentee voters, and they’re  producing them by the van-load.

“When it comes to election  time, we want to make sure people get out and have their voices heard,” said  Mike Lauer, executive director of Wisconsin Jobs Now.

The group is picking up  voters from dozens of locations throughout Milwaukee’s north side and central  city, and bringing them to vote in the state’s recall election by absentee  ballot.

Elsewhere in Wisconsin insanity, the Judicial Ethics Commission, whose special prosecutor signed the Walker recall petition, has demanded the state Supreme Court take up charges against Justice David Prosser. This is complete insanity for reasons explored here dozens of times — if anyone should be brought up on charges it is Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, who charged at Prosser with fist raised and with such evident anger that another Justice had to step in to prevent her from hitting Prosser.

I’m not predicting a win, and fear the worst, but if Walker wins, there’s going to be a victory dance here like nothing ever seen before.  The neighbors probably will call the police.  Is it possible to set off fireworks on a blog?

It’s not just for Walker, but to bury all the indecencies the decent people of Wisconsin have had to put up with for the past 15 months.

(Suggestions on a victory dance video are being accepted, although it’s hard to beat the incumbent victory dance.)

Update:  Reader Patricia produced this Call to Action for the Fox Valley Initiative:



Donations tax deductible
to the full extent allowed by law.



Looking at the poor recall primary turnout for Dems and the general recall fatigue going on, I find it to be a much harder road for the anti-Walker crowd to win this.

Is it possible to set off fireworks on a blog?

Maybe you can coax Robert Stacy McCain out of hiding. He has been known to do it.

I think…despite the hissy-fit by hte VERY special special prosecutor…the Wish-consin Supremes want nothing more than to have this embarrassing incident die a quiet death.

But, hey…if he insists on going there…!!!

I noted with thinly disguised glee that some Left blogs and such were saying the “polls were tightening” yesterday.

Heh! Like 2010 they were “tightening”!

As with all big elections, I’m crossing my fingers but expecting the worst.

casualobserver | May 26, 2012 at 11:17 am

I fully understand the notion that all able bodied and QUALIFIED people should vote, or be allowed to vote. And although it is nothing new, for some reason reading about the group collecting people to vote by absentee ballot strikes me as especially nefarious. A reasonable person has to expect that nearly every one of those votes will be cast as the group persuades them to. So, essentially, the only thing separating this act from simple ballot stuffing is that it happens (we assume) through many different hands instead of one. Even though the one is guiding the many, more or less. One wonders how many of those “guided hands” are otherwise “stimulated” for their participation. Perhaps “rewarded” might be a better word.

    alan markus in reply to casualobserver. | May 26, 2012 at 11:52 am

    That’s the kind of crap we have to put up with here in Wisconsin.

    This from last year’s unsuccessful attempt to recall Republican State Senator Alberta Darling:

    Election officials probe voter ‘block parties’

    State election authorities are questioning whether a liberal group broke the law by offering both free food and free rides to vote in a hotly contested Senate recall election.

    Wisconsin Jobs Now held three parties last week and two Monday, all on Milwaukee’s northwest side. Each party offered free food, prizes such as T-shirts and stuffed toys, face-painting for children, drawings for school backpacks, and free shuttles to Milwaukee City Hall, where voters could cast absentee ballots in the 8th Senate District contest.

    Janet Veum, a spokeswoman for Wisconsin Jobs Now, described the events as “a celebration of voting” aimed at making it easier to vote for low-income and minority groups who might face more challenges under the state’s new photo identification law.

    Since last week, about 75 to 100 voters each day have been casting absentee ballots at City Hall, often arriving in groups, said Sue Edman, executive director of the city Election Commission.

    State law prohibits anyone from offering a voter any inducement to vote or not vote. Veum said her group believed it was complying with the law because no one was required to take the rides or vote to get the food and prizes.

    Don’t recall how this played out – the Milwaukee DA may have been too busy investigating the Governor (Republican) to look into this group’s (Democratic) activities.

Forget talk of victory dances. How about a pause for a sigh of relief, then let’s get on with the real job–November’s election.

    Ragspierre in reply to kay. | May 26, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    I take your sentiment, but…

    rites of passage are important, and a little Snoopy dance is not a sinful indulgence. Lighten up!

    Breitbart LOVED the fight.

I honestly will not believe it until walker wins. I guess being on the other side (a liberal) for so long, I’ve seen the crap they pull, the voter fraud, etc.

I still don’t think walker can pull it out, I will do everything I can to help his campaign, I’ve donated, urged my family, friends to donate, even recovering liberals I know have donated to his and Clayfish?’s campaign.

But until June 5th, if/when I see Walker’s been reelected, then I will believe it. Until then, I still think the dems will stuff the ballot box via ACORN.

Everyone in WI, please don’t forget to vote for walker, get your neighbors, friends, everyone, no vote is too small.

Dear Professor,

You know that I really, really hate the Victory Dance but if you insist on using it Godzilla has agreed to join in the celebration 🙂

It is ethical as long as no taxpayer funds, directly (a la ACORN) or indirectly (e.g. welfare), are exploited to fund their activities.

We are not complacent here in Wisconsin at all. Most of us understand the ramifications: if we win, it is only the first battle. If we lose, no politician in a lifetime will again challenge union power. The big fear is fraud. With voter ID blocked by a Liberal Dane County Democrat judge (the absurdity of that should be obvious), fraud becomes nearly impossible to detect. There are already stories of the Democrats picking up the “mentally challenged” and “helping” them fill out their ballots. It’s really shameful. They have done the same with those in nursing homes. Republican groups can’t even get in the door in these places.

In the debate last night, Barrett looked small and petty. When he answered questions, he came off looking like he was cross-examining a witness. He would turn toward Walker and make some baseless accusation. (“Isn’t it TRUE Governor Walker, that it was YOU in the kitchen with the lead pipe!?!?!?!?!?”) I doubt the debates will change anyone’s mind; most people are pretty well set.

Anecdotally though,…my brother plays in a band here in SE Wisconsin. Went to see them at a small dive bar Thursday night. A friend of 50 years was their and I knew he was a public employee, union member and against Walker. As we talked, I purposely avoided a direct discussion, but rather talked about the size of government, how regulations and red tape are killing business and the like. He agreed with every Conservative principle we discussed….yet he will not support Walker. Maybe he will stay home in June.

    Rick in reply to Deekaman. | May 26, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    I am glad you and others there are not complacent. I have sent money to the Republicans facing recall, several times. If I were there, or lived close, I would be on the ground helping.
    I won’t believe a Walker win until it is official.

    casualobserver in reply to Deekaman. | May 26, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    In the Northeast you can find many who also outwardly talk in support of any given Democrat. But given that Dems do lose elections at times, you have to wonder how much is just an effort to appease others. I can’t speak first hand, but I wouldn’t be surprised if not openly opposing Walker is a big risk for any union member, public or not. The privacy of the voting booth gives a certain amount of freedom.

      gmurphy222 in reply to casualobserver. | May 26, 2012 at 11:47 pm

      I can support that. I was calling for Walker Wed night and one guy asked if I was Rep or Dem. I said Rep (being honest) and he said “you sound like a Democrat” I said no, I’m being honest. Then he opened up and said he was supporting Walker, but because he’s in a union dominated area he has to be careful. Another reason to end the coercion of unions.

…”there”, not “their”.

And I’m a freakin’ spelling and grammar Nazi.

The only time to get complacent in politics is after the polls close. And in some places, not even then. Wisconsin will hopefully be just the next shoe to drop for the Democrats. After the events of this week, it’s looking like they could have a lot more to worry about come November …

Excellent point(s) Professor… Current polls put the outcome close to the margin of error. And we all know how the democrats are vastly talented as to the manufacturing of votes.

This election is very important in that a loss will be an, “I told you so!” by the left.

Take NOTHING for granted until the final vote is counted or accounted for…

Either party would get a national boost from a win in WI, but the Democrats have more to gain (and less to lose) because the momentum has been with the GOP. And Walker is the incumbent.

In the last few days Walker’s Intrade percentage probability of winning has gone from the low 90s to the mid 80s.

I don’t dismiss some people’s unease, but those odds remain significantly in Walker’s favor and significantly better than they have been during most of the race.

Whereas on election day, having poll watchers is pretty straight forward, I would imagine having poll watchers guard voter fraud with absentee balloting is a bit more difficult. So a group of voters are rounded up and bused somewhere to vote absentee. If one or two have proper identification, can’t they “vouch” for those with less than proper identification? Same-day voter registration is only a good idea for those who wish to perpetrate a fraud.

me I’m going to wait until the stroke of midnight and then do a victory lap in my back yard ….naked ….me and the wonder mutt ….he’ll be the one in the hat

I’m thinking the Snoopy Dance: Face raised to God n thanks and wriggling with joy and no discernible rhythm or pattern just unmitigated pleasure.


Deekaman’s right; the enthusiasm is all on the (R) side.

Anything’s possible, of course, and voting is vital. But the Wisconsin Democrats are now sniping at the National Democrat Party for abandoning them (no shippa-da-money), and the slime-tossing of Barrett doesn’t make his cause very attractive.

Don’t forget this: the UW students at all the campuses have already gone home for the summer…..


I just keep sending as much money as I can afford to Scott Walker’s campaign.