As previously posted, it appears that there were sufficient recall petition signatures submitted to hold recall elections as to Gov. Scott Walker, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, and several Republican state Senators.

One of those state Senators, Pam Galloway, unexpectedly announced yesterday she was resigning and would not run in the recall election due to family health issues.  The resignation puts the state Senate into a deadlock between Republicans and Democrats.

It is worth noting that Galloway has been the subject of really nasty attacks from an AFSCME union official who called her a “pig” and warned “We’re coming after you.”  Badger Pundit has the details, including this audio of Charlie Sykes interviewing the perp:

Based on the conduct of this AFSCME official, it is obvious that Wisconsin will go through yet another campaign season for people who are in the middle of their terms with all the intimidation and threats we saw last year.

As if reliving that nightmare were not enough, Wisconsin will relive the Ann Walsh Bradley – David Prosser battle.

Yesterday a court-appointed special prosecutor found “probable cause” that Justice David Prosser violated various general ethics requirements (h/t Patricia via Althouse):

The Wisconsin Judicial Commission filed formal ethics allegations Friday against state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser for a June incident in which he placed his hands on the neck of Justice Ann Walsh Bradley.

The commission asked the high court to send the case to a panel of three appeals court judges to consider whether Prosser violated three ethics rules. The panel’s findings would then be sent to the high court, the only body that could make a binding ruling against Prosser.

Read the Complaint.  The Complaint makes no mention of the evidence from the criminal investigation, which found no probable cause of  a crime, including statements from other Justices in the room that Justice Ann Walsh Bradley charged at Prosser, shook her partially opened fist just inches from his face, that he raised his hands in self defense, and that he never placed any pressure when his hands touched her neck.  Instead, the complaint quotes Bradley alone as to the details of the confrontation, only mentioning out of context Prosser’s acknowledgment that his hands touched her neck.

The Complaint is a sad joke, a sick indictment of a sick system in Wisconsin.

Bradley should be the one charged with ethics violations not just for her conduct but for falsely describing what Prosser did as a “chokehold.”

So, in the midst of recall elections of conservative elected officials in which liberal activists already have exhibited gross intimidation, Wisconsin will go through a farce of an ethics investigation of a conservative Supreme Court Justice who defended himself against physically threatening conduct by a liberal Justice.

Wisconsin, you have a problem.

Update:  H/t to commenter, Prosser Investigation Led by Democrat With Ties to Abrahamson who also signed the anti-Walker recall petition.  I didn’t know this when I did the post, but it confirms everything I wrote.