As with so much else in this case, the original media report of George Zimmerman using the pejorative “coons,” which has been accepted as true and then repeated endlessly by the left blogosphere and mainstream media, now is in doubt.

An enhanced analysis now appears to indicate Zimmerman said “cold.”

Some of the other narrative problems:

Since the beginning of this case I have urged caution not to jump to conclusions.  The questionable narratives suggest I was correct.

Update 4-6-2012:  CNN hired yet another expert who concluded that the word was “punks” not “coons” or “cold.”  That comports with Zimmerman’s lawyers claim that the word was “punks.”  Three experts, three versions, sounds like a case of reasonable doubt as to the word used.  See my updated post, CNN proves “beyond a reasonable doubt” why cases should not be tried in the media.


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