There are going to be a lot of people beclowning themselves in the rush to judgment to convict George Zimmerman before the facts are known.

With every new piece of information, proclamations are made that the information destroys Zimmerman’s claim of self defense, only to have to walk back those proclamations or reiterate them in the face of contrary information.  Tom Maguire tracks down much of the walkback  on a variety of fronts (h/t Instapundit).

I prefer and have preferred from the beginning to wait and see what all the evidence shows, including critical evidence that is not public (forensics, medical reports, autopsy reports, etc.).

Consider this one example among many, from someone who made a name for himself long ago based on photo analysis, but now is just rushing to embrace whatever narrative justifies a guilty verdict.

When ABC News released the first grainy video of Zimmerman at a police station, Charles Johnson was quick to embarce the images as proof positive that the police report of Zimmerman having a bloody nose and rear head wound was false.  There was no caution at all, in fact, the video warranted an emphatic exclamation point:

Now ABC News has changed its tune, based upon an enhanced video technique which it says commonly is used by police, which clearly shows a head wound.

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Now, no more exclamation points, just caution:


You see, it’s “irresponsible” of ABC to present the enhanced video as conclusive:

Is this an injury as ABC now claims, or a reflection from the overhead lights? And why are they only showing one frame of this “enhanced” video to back up their claim? There are many other views of Zimmerman’s head that do not show any apparent injury.

These are reasons to be skeptical. It’s far from settled, and it’s irresponsible for ABC to present the story as if it is settled; it raises the possibility that they’re simply trying to stoke the controversy to keep their ratings up.

I’ll go back to my position on the matter:

Unless and until there is clear evidence to the contrary, such as paramedic records, I’ll trust the NOT BREAKING NEWS, the initial police report filled out that night which reported Zimmerman bloodied.

And to think, I’m not a photo analyst, I just think.


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