If it were not for the fact that a young man is dead, the factual accounts and investigations in the media of the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman would be laughable.

There is no better proof that cases should not be tried in the media than the accounts of whether Zimmerman said “f-ing coons” under his breath on the 911 tape.  That alleged statement has been the key media and left-blogosphere piece of evidence of racial motivation.

Yet CNN has rolled out three different audio experts over the past two weeks, each of whom has come to a different conclusion.

CNN Audio Expert No. 1 – sounds like “f-ing coons”

CNN Audio Expert No. 2 – sounds like “f-ing cold”

CNN Audio Expert No. 3 – sounds like “f-ing punks”

This is just one piece of evidence, and it’s evidence that is recorded.

If there is reasonable doubt as to something to which we can listen, can you imagine how the case will play out as to that brief time span between the end of Zimmerman’s 911 call and the neighbor’s 911 call when someone is heard screaming for help?

I am not predicting anything, and the public does not have key forensic evidence.  But anyone who thinks no prosecution or a not guilty verdict is out of the realm of possibility is deluding themselves.

If the case ends with Zimmerman going free, where does the public anger go after the media already has convicted him?


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