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When #StopRush met #ObamaDogRecipes

When #StopRush met #ObamaDogRecipes

The merger of the absurd and the surreal,

or something like that.

Tweet of the Day:

For an ongoing display of both the absurd and the surreal, sometimes merged sometimes not, visit #StopRush.

Related updates:  Angie’s List apparently still is holding out against the boycott, as is 1-800-Flowers, which is receiving a barrage of hostile tweets from one person using multiple usernames — I told you it was absurd and surreal.


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that dog won’t hunt…

#CookieGate is the latest chalked full of comedy gold.

The left isn’t exactly demonstrating a great mastery of Al Gore’s invention. I do notice that the Ed Show is trying to rally them up and some sad little Ed parrots are chiming in.

I’m glad to learn 1-800-Flowers is holding on. ProFlowers caved and I stopped my several-times-a-month business with them. I wasn’t sure who to use instead, but 1-800-Flowers will get my business.