I check in every now and then with the efforts of the Limbaugh boycott movement at the Twitter hashtag #stoprush.

I noticed over the past few days a lot of chatter and anger directed at @AngiesList, as well as at new local advertisers on the Limbaugh show (screenshot from 4/17).

Then I saw today via Twitchy that Angie’s List has responded to the boycott movement by telling them, basically, to pound sand:

Now the Media Matters operative behind the anti-Limbaugh effort is upset:


If you stop by the #stoprush hastag or do a search for angieslist, you’ll see not only threats, but that people like @Serr8d are contacting Angies List and praising its stand:

This is not about Limbaugh.  It’s about whether the social media intimidation tactics will continue to work.

(added) There’s also a lot going on at Angie’s List’s Facebook page [link fixed].


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