Just minutes ago, Mia B. Love won the Utah-04 nomination at the Utah Republican Convention.  Love received 70.5% of the vote on the second ballot, defeating Carl Wimmer who received 29.5.

The result is a shock except to those of us in the blogosphere who have been following Love.

Just three months ago Love was relatively unknown, but through her hard work on the ground and the coalescing of the conservative blogosphere around her, Love gained traction and now pulled off the once unthinkable.

When I spoke to Love in early January, Love was hoping just to make a primary against favorite Carl Wimmer, who had the backing of Mike Lee, the Club for Growth, and many state politicians.

Now Love stands alone heading directly into the general election, facing the vulnerable Democrat Jim Matheson, whose prior district was carved into multiple pieces, forcing him to run in the new 4th District.

Matheson has money, and big national Democrat backing, but as recent polling shows, he is beatable.

You can support her at Love4Utah.com, and she’s on Twitter @MiaBLove, Facebook and YouTube.

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Update:  In a show of unity, Carl Wimmer (just to Love’s right in photo) joined Love on stage, endorsed her and pledged his support to help her defeat Matheson:


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