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Mia B. Love competitive versus Jim Matheson in UT-04

Mia B. Love competitive versus Jim Matheson in UT-04

The Salt Lake Tribune released a poll showing that all three Republicans contending against incumbent Democrat Jim Matheson in the new Utah-04 district are competitive with Matheson.

This is particularly significant for Mia B. Love (see my prior profile) since the main argument for her Republican competitors is that they had better name recognition and were more likely to beat Matheson.

Here are the numbers from the Tribune poll:

In another important development for Love, she was endorsed by Josh Romney, an endorsement which will carry a lot of weight in Utah:

Josh Romney, son of GOP nominee and Utah favorite Mitt Romney, has announced his endorsement of Mia Love’s congressional campaign. “Republicans must elect a candidate who will beat Jim Matheson this November,” said Romney. “That’s why I am 100% behind Mia Love. I will do all I can to make sure she is the next member of Congress from Utah.” Love is one of five candidates seeking the Republican nomination in Utah’s 4th congressional district.

In addition to endorsing Love, Romney will actively assist her campaign with fundraising. Romney’s connections to some of Utah’s key political donors have already resulted in several maximum donations allowed under federal law, with more donations pledged. “Jim Matheson’s out-of-state war chest has been one of his largest advantages over his past six Republican opponents.” according to Love. “With Josh Romney’s help, we’re going to even the playing field this November.”

The Utah Republican nomination convention is April 21.  If no candidate gets 60% of the vote, the two highest vote getters will run in a primary.  Carl Wimmer is the favorite, but this recent polling versus Matheson should give delegates pause to consider Love’s growing strength and name recognition.

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It looks like this conservative rising star may now turn into a super nova…..awesome!

I am not even close to Mia’s district, but I have been following her on Twitter and am impressed.

She reminds me a little of Star Parker, in CA.

What a refreshing thing…. A Romney endorsing what seemingly may be a true rock ribbed conservative!!! Now josh just needs to work on poppa bear!!

Whoo Hoo!!! I am so glad she’s running, I was really hoping she would.

I’m going to definitely donate to her campaign and encourage all my recovering liberal friends to do so also.

She’s an impressive candidate.

And it is great to see Matheson polling under the 50% level. For a multi-term incumbent, that’s not good news at all because you are a well-known quantity to your district. Undecideds and late deciders are going to tend to break toward the challenger in most cases.

Wait. I thought that Republicans generally and Romney, and by extension his family, were anti women. The democrats told me so. Did they lie to me?

Sorry. Why is she hiding her Mormonism on her website.

“She found faith.”

Why doesn’t she say “I became a Mormon?”

Why the secretiveness?

She’s done commercials for Mormons elsewhere.

But for political office, she hides that she’s Mormon.

Transparency, please.

We had 2 Mormon candidates for president. We now have a Mormon frontrunner.

Why is she hiding her religion?

In Utah????????????

FWIW, the Club For Growth is backing Wimmer. I asked them why, and they said they had concerns about some of Love’s votes on the city council.

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