Today in South Carolina politics:

Rumors are swirling based on rumors of rumors that Nikki Haley is going to be indicted for something she did or didn’t do almost a decade ago in connection with her family’s fundraising to build a Sikh Temple.  She denies any involvement.

Ed Kilgore at the liberal Washington Monthly mockingly predicts the reaction from the “Palin-Breitbart Conspiracy World” if Haley is indicted:

Haley prevailed in 2010. But you can only imagine the reaction if she is now taken down by the Obama administration Justice Department, temporarily distracted from its usual work of confiscating firearms, seeking to tie Haley to a non-Christian religion which she abandoned when she became a Methodist years ago.

Kilgore may be onto something.  If Haley is indicted, it was a conspiracy; if Haley is not indicted, it’s an attempted conspiracy.

It’s the perfect Palin-Breitbart Conspiracy World theory, just like the one about how George W. Bush would refuse to leave office at the end of his second term.


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