Probably not a good idea to make decisions which could alter the course of company history on a Saturday night.

Will Carbonite become the next Sleep Train, and attempt to regain access to Limbaugh’s audience? Via Instapundit, Rush said no to Sleep Train and probably would to Carbonite:

OUCH:  Limbaugh Not So Hot To Get Faithless Advertisers Back:“The rift between Sleep Train Mattress Centers and Rush Limbaugh apparently became permanent today after Limbaugh reportedly turned aside the Sacramento retailer’s attempt at a truce.  Limbaugh rebuffed Sleep Train’s request that the controversial radio host resume his duties as a paid spokesman for the company.”

Ultimately, he’s got the audience.  And the audience isn’t happy with the advertisers who’ve left.  So now it’s Limbaugh who’s protecting his brand, since if he went back to endorsing them it would look like his endorsement was only about the money, which would devalue it.

The week in Carbonite:


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