Jeffrey Lord (via Instapundit) addresses the attempt to drive away Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers, focusing particularly on Carbonite:

In other words, to put it politely, Mr. Friend’s woe-is-me I’m-withdrawing-my-company’s sponsorship-from-Rush Limbaugh-because of-my-lovely-daughters is as close to certifiable BS as one can imagine. Mr. Friend, one can only suspect, placed Carbonite’s ads with Rush Limbaugh because he knew it would make him money — which he obviously then funneled to MoveOn and the rest. Meanwhile, he keeps advertising on the Ed Slut Show… sorry… Ed Schultz Show. His daughters? His daughters? What a deeply cynical man.

Not to mention Friend’s chutzpah calling for a “more civilized public discourse” when he is busy contributing to, the self-same group that put together this charmingvideo comparing George W. Bush to Hitler. Not to mention MoveOn’s “Bush Lied” routine. This is pathetic….

DO YOU GET the picture? The American Left — whether it pops up in the form of Media Matters, Color of Change,, Texans for Truth or other groups — is determined to shut off conservative dissent from their agenda by whatever means necessary. Fueled in part by money like that they received from David Friend of Carbonite. To do this they are quite specifically going after conservative talk radio hosts and television commentators one by one by one. The fact that David Friend of is there to stick it to Rush is all the better. The fact that Ed Schulz called Laura Ingraham a slut is one big no-big-deal to Sandra Fluke herself when she wants air time on with Mr. Ed. Why should David Friend care if Ms. Fluke doesn’t? So, Carbonite continues as Mr. Ed’s sponsor, sluts be damned.

As noted earlier, what began with Don Imus, Lou Dobbs, and Glenn Beck has just hit Pat Buchanan.

Now, they want Rush’s scalp.

Reader Jasond has put together lists of alternative vendors for the companies boycotting Rush, including these online backup alternatives:

5. Carbonite (online backup) – Competitors

(source )

Should be interesting to hear how Rush addresses the boycott, will he come out swinging, or just play it down?

Update:  Rush brushed off the loss of advertisers, saying they will be replaced easily, and it’s their loss.  FYI, I’m not letting go of the Carbonite issue.


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