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Carbonite background

Carbonite background

Jeffrey Lord (via Instapundit) addresses the attempt to drive away Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers, focusing particularly on Carbonite:

In other words, to put it politely, Mr. Friend’s woe-is-me I’m-withdrawing-my-company’s sponsorship-from-Rush Limbaugh-because of-my-lovely-daughters is as close to certifiable BS as one can imagine. Mr. Friend, one can only suspect, placed Carbonite’s ads with Rush Limbaugh because he knew it would make him money — which he obviously then funneled to MoveOn and the rest. Meanwhile, he keeps advertising on the Ed Slut Show… sorry… Ed Schultz Show. His daughters? His daughters? What a deeply cynical man.

Not to mention Friend’s chutzpah calling for a “more civilized public discourse” when he is busy contributing to, the self-same group that put together this charmingvideo comparing George W. Bush to Hitler. Not to mention MoveOn’s “Bush Lied” routine. This is pathetic….

DO YOU GET the picture? The American Left — whether it pops up in the form of Media Matters, Color of Change,, Texans for Truth or other groups — is determined to shut off conservative dissent from their agenda by whatever means necessary. Fueled in part by money like that they received from David Friend of Carbonite. To do this they are quite specifically going after conservative talk radio hosts and television commentators one by one by one. The fact that David Friend of is there to stick it to Rush is all the better. The fact that Ed Schulz called Laura Ingraham a slut is one big no-big-deal to Sandra Fluke herself when she wants air time on with Mr. Ed. Why should David Friend care if Ms. Fluke doesn’t? So, Carbonite continues as Mr. Ed’s sponsor, sluts be damned.

As noted earlier, what began with Don Imus, Lou Dobbs, and Glenn Beck has just hit Pat Buchanan.

Now, they want Rush’s scalp.

Reader Jasond has put together lists of alternative vendors for the companies boycotting Rush, including these online backup alternatives:

5. Carbonite (online backup) – Competitors

(source )

Should be interesting to hear how Rush addresses the boycott, will he come out swinging, or just play it down?

Update:  Rush brushed off the loss of advertisers, saying they will be replaced easily, and it’s their loss.  FYI, I’m not letting go of the Carbonite issue.


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No wonder I can’t get the AmSpec page to load. Somebody just linked to it in the comments over at Ace’s and I’ve been trying for 5 minutes to get it to load. An Intsalanch will do that.



Rush’s ratings will be through the roof.

People will be tuning in for the first time to “see the monster”!

And, again, friends…

DO BUSINESS with the Craven 7’s competitors…and let them BOTH know WHY.

Boycott AND BUYcott, all wrapped in sweet, sweet free choice!

So do any of you think your information is safe with Carbonite, a company that supports Move

I’m out. I’ll never use an online company again.
My external hard drive (bought yesterday) is FABULOUS and easy.

Nail ’em, Rush!

    Ragspierre in reply to Tamminator. | March 5, 2012 at 12:11 pm

    But for security, you need to store stuff OUTSIDE your business/residence in case you lose the structure.

    Happily there are LOTS of options.

I think Rush will come out swinging today for sure. I will be very disappointed with anything less.

Juba Doobai! | March 5, 2012 at 12:10 pm

I’m listening to Rush, and here comes the curveball. In apologizing, he has shown up the Commies for what they are.

It’s time to ‘join’ these organizations with hidden cameras and send the footage to the Bigs.

Couldn’t hurt for academia either….

    Tamminator in reply to Will. | March 5, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    That’s what Andrew Breitbart was screaming for: Citizen journalists.
    Good for you.
    DO IT.

Also: A friendly reminder that you should have Chik-fil-A for lunch or dinner today. Remember the BUYcott.

My Internet has been out since Friday, so today was the first I heard about the Sponsors Story, Boycott, etc. I don’t like “Boycotts”. When a sponsor of something I value resists the impulse to drop, I look twice to see if I can support the sponsor.

When an advertiser drops a sponsorship based on leftist pressure, then I actively look for ways I can boycott ….the un-sponsor.
K.I.S.S, I do what I can do.

No more Pro-Flowers or Carbonite in this case.

I know many think we should stand by and look honorable as the Left continually uses the institutionalized biases to proclaim us as fascists and pound us over the head when we question their motivation. We stand by, and we get hit in the gut and face. Time and time again.

I say it’s time for a shot across the bow. In the next 30 days- everyone- Drop HBO. Pick up Showtime (those of you who partake in premium cable). See what happens in 30 days. See if Bill Maher is given any pause to think. Probably not, but someone there will. Breitbart is Here.

    Jake Blues in reply to Newmanian. | March 5, 2012 at 1:44 pm

    Someday I hope to see cafeteria-style channel selection, where you pay for what you want and can just take the programming you like without having to get 40 other channels on the “premium tier” or whatever the local cable company calls it. As it is now, I don’t see how you can just drop HBO and pick up a competitor, though I like how you think.

Professor: I am delighted you are not letting go of the wretched Carbonite hypocrisy. I came very close to using Carbonite as my back-up vendor, all based on Rush’s ads. I am thrilled I selected Toshiba On-line services, because I am very angry about this Kabuki-theater of false outrage.

As soon as Crashplan finishes its initial back up, I’m done with Carbonite.

dorsaighost | March 5, 2012 at 1:14 pm

Those 7 sponsors decided they wanted to play in the political arena … they may have forgotten that we vote for or against them everyday …
they chose to join the 1st Amendment assault …
we can choose to join the fight for individual liberty and buy from their competitors …

[…] Laura Ingraham a “SLUT”. I detest such blatant double-standards, and am delighted that Legal Insurrection’s Professor Jacobson intends to hold Carbonite’s feet to the fire.  In fact, courtesy of Legal Insurrection fan jasond, I offer you alternatives who dropped Rush […]

LukeHandCool | March 5, 2012 at 3:54 pm

Carbonite is currently down over 3% and made a new 52-week low today of $9.09.

Gee, don’t remember seeing any of you condemning the Million Moms when they asked their followers to boycott JC Penney for hiring Ellen as a spokesman. Or condemning the American Family Association and the Southern Baptists for asking their followers to boycott Disney, Kraft, Walmart, American Airlines, etc. for being too gay friendly.

Oh, yeah. That’s because you were fine with those boycotts and attempts to drive away advertisers.

    Jimbo3, did JC Penney, Disney, et. al., apologize to the boycotting groups for offending them?

    When businesses treat you or your friends rudely or in a discriminatory manner do you keep buying from them?

    I don’t have a problem with boycotts. That’s what I do whenever I get rudeness, poor service or poor products from a company. Poor service or rude service is just as offensive to me as a poor product. I don’t buy from them anymore. Not buying (boycott) is part of a free market economy. It’s perhaps the kindest and most effective way of telling a merchant he needs to improve. Certainly a lot more kind than picketing their business or house.

    alex in reply to jimbo3. | March 5, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    Actually in fact Bill O’reilly defended Ellen on it, basically said if anyone doesn’t want to shop at JC Penny because they don’t like them hiring a lesbian, that is well within their rights.

    I like Ellen, and I thought the entire idea of boycott for JC Penny just because they hired a lesbian was stupid. I shop at Pennys and will continue to do so, those that are offended like the million moms can use their first amendent rights to boycott as they wish.

    What I have problem with is the double standard by companies like Carbonite, who I no longer use, outrage when Rush calls someone a slut, yet no where that level of outrage when another media outlet that they advertise on uses that same term against a right leaning personality. And then the CEO of carbonite says he “supports civil discourse”, what a load of BS!

THANK YOU for this.

Bought carbonite solely because of its advertising on Rush’s show. If they are going to submit to the intolerant, anti-free speech crowd, so be it. But I will no longer support them.

Carbonite does not work in all computer environments. And when your hard drive crashes, they’ll be happy to send back all your carefully backed up information across the same sloooow internet connection as you sent it to them. And ask them for assistance in restoring the back-up? They’ll be happy to refer you to their instructions RTFM!

Having said the above, it is VERY IMPORTANT to have current back-ups of your data stored off-site in a safe place. Ask the folks who got run over by the weekend’s tornadoes. There are a plethora of computer consultants – many of a Conservative belief – who offer back-up services and will be there to assist in restoring your data too!

My subscription to Carbonite for one computer is up in a few days. For another in our house we just did the automatic renewal a week ago. I cancelled the automatic renewal on the one coming up and asked them to cancel the one just renewed and told them why. It was great timing for me. Two accounts Carbonite lost.

I also had ordered flowers from ProFlowers last month. I found their “thank you for ordering” e-mail, and replied saying I would no longer be buying from them and why.

Nice to be able to show them they just lost a paying customer.

I’m glad Rush apologized. I agree with his assessment that those words are for the sleazy left.

After reading Jeffrey Lord’s entire article, I wondered if the sponsors’ faux outrage, and Carbonite’s in particular, was part of a long range plan to damage Rush. Everyone knows that occasionally Rush says something absurd to illustrate absurdity. Everyone also knows that Rush often leads into his commercial breaks saying, “Now it’s time for an obscene profit break”. Aha, an idea is hatched! What if Democrat supporters (like Carbonite) are encouraged by Van Jones, David Brock, et al to advertise on Rush’s program, and then wait for the right moment to pounce on Rush? This whole case smells really fishy.