I have posted before about the daily anti-Walker ritual chanting in the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison.

The other day a group of visiting student basketball teams stood on the balcony as the anti-Walker Solidarity Singers went through their usual ritual, but then turned the tables by breaking into chants of “We’re with Walker” (h/t Patricia via Mark Beiling).

As reported by the Wisconsin Citizens Media Co-op:

On Thursday March 15, 2012 the afternoon Solidarity Sing Along was taken over by a large group of supporters from Lutheran High School in Sheboygan.

The students, parents and supporters were all in town to participate in the WIAA Boy’s High School Basketball Tournament and arrived at the Capitol for a celebratory rally and to have their photo taken with their legislators.  A small group of singers was located on the ground floor of the rotunda for their weekly Thursday afternoon song circle which was quickly drowned out by the thunderous cheers of the LHS group.  Shouts of “LHS” and “Stand with Walker” thundered through the rotunda and was met with wide approval from the LHS supporters.  One student entered the circle to mock and taunt the singers with dance moves.  The extremely loud and boisterous encounter could be heard in the Assembly chambers, where legislative business was still being conducted.

The Solidarity Sing Along remained calm and peaceful throughout the ordeal and eventually moved outside to continue singing while the rotunda erupted in approval.  Later on, several visitors from the LHS group were given a standing ovation by some legislators in the Assembly when they were introduced by their legislators.

One anti-Walker Wisconsin blog lamented that the students were not treated as harshly as anti-Walker protesters in the past:

The one thing, and there are many, that really bothers me about the current batch of republicans is just the pure unadulterated hypocrisy they show with absolutely no shame. Here is a glaring example.

Excuse me, did the students take over the State Capitol and refuse to leave, set up camp, damage walls, threaten legislators, crash through police lines, encourage police insurrection, sit down in hallways blocking access, pound on buses carrying legislators, lock their heads to railing, or do any of the other destructive things the anti-Walker protesters did for weeks on end last year?  (added) Oh, and did I forget the death threats?

Good for these kids.  There’s hope for the future of Wisconsin.

Update 3-20-2012 — How great is this.  The basketball team which chanted “We’re with Walker” won the Division 5 State Championship the next day on a last second three point shot! (via The Blaze)


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