Sign of trouble No. 1:  Warren is running to the left of Obama on gay marriage and portraying herself as heroic, apparently, per Greg Sargent (via Instapundit):

In an interesting move, Elizabeth Warren comes out and calls on the leader of the Democratic Party to complete his evolution on marriage equality….

Warren has voiced support for marriage equality before. But this is the first time she has publicly called on Obama to complete his evolution on the issue and for Democrats to include it in their national platform, which will draw much more attention to her position.

It’s worth noting that even though Warren is running for Senate in Massachusetts, this is not necessarily a politically easy thing for Warren to do. Scott Brown oppses marriage equality, and Warren is under heavy attack right now over cultural issues. Brown and national Republicans are attacking her regularly over her support for Obama’s contraception coverage mandate, which they are falsely portraying as anti-Catholic.

Did anyone previously doubt Warren’s support of gay marriage?  In a state in which gay marriage is legal? This is contrived heroism and a sign that she is having trouble motivating her base after the initial euphoria.

Sign of trouble No. 2:  Academic supporters of Warren are writing stuff like this, much to the satisfaction of @punditreview:

 Here’s from the column linked:

Scott Brown is a dangerous man: dangerous to the world view of Massachusetts Democrats.

He may clobber Elizabeth Warren, too, and with the backing of the very people who built the Massachusetts Democratic Party….

How can this be? How can a guy who is a radical and waging a war on women possibly be winning? It isn’t possible in the Democratic world view. Yet women under age 50 are evenly divided between the candidates, according to a recent MassINC Polling Group/WBUR poll.

A year ago, I offered Hugs for Democrats to a party in despair over its chances of even mounting a credible challenger to Senator Brown. Then Warren burst on the scene like a supernova and some Democrats quickly concluded, “no way the professor doesn’t beat this dummy.” Recent polls showing Warren trailing the dummy have again cast some Democrats into a low-grade depression.

Keep it up.


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