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Signs of trouble in Elizabeth Warrenland

Signs of trouble in Elizabeth Warrenland

Sign of trouble No. 1:  Warren is running to the left of Obama on gay marriage and portraying herself as heroic, apparently, per Greg Sargent (via Instapundit):

In an interesting move, Elizabeth Warren comes out and calls on the leader of the Democratic Party to complete his evolution on marriage equality….

Warren has voiced support for marriage equality before. But this is the first time she has publicly called on Obama to complete his evolution on the issue and for Democrats to include it in their national platform, which will draw much more attention to her position.

It’s worth noting that even though Warren is running for Senate in Massachusetts, this is not necessarily a politically easy thing for Warren to do. Scott Brown oppses marriage equality, and Warren is under heavy attack right now over cultural issues. Brown and national Republicans are attacking her regularly over her support for Obama’s contraception coverage mandate, which they are falsely portraying as anti-Catholic.

Did anyone previously doubt Warren’s support of gay marriage?  In a state in which gay marriage is legal? This is contrived heroism and a sign that she is having trouble motivating her base after the initial euphoria.

Sign of trouble No. 2:  Academic supporters of Warren are writing stuff like this, much to the satisfaction of @punditreview:

 Here’s from the column linked:

Scott Brown is a dangerous man: dangerous to the world view of Massachusetts Democrats.

He may clobber Elizabeth Warren, too, and with the backing of the very people who built the Massachusetts Democratic Party….

How can this be? How can a guy who is a radical and waging a war on women possibly be winning? It isn’t possible in the Democratic world view. Yet women under age 50 are evenly divided between the candidates, according to a recent MassINC Polling Group/WBUR poll.

A year ago, I offered Hugs for Democrats to a party in despair over its chances of even mounting a credible challenger to Senator Brown. Then Warren burst on the scene like a supernova and some Democrats quickly concluded, “no way the professor doesn’t beat this dummy.” Recent polls showing Warren trailing the dummy have again cast some Democrats into a low-grade depression.

Keep it up.


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LukeHandCool | March 23, 2012 at 1:08 pm

“How can a guy who is a radical and waging a war on women possibly be winning?”

Yeah … you could tell from his speech the night he was elected how much he loathed his wife and two daughters.

Ummm … histrionics are not a good hearing aid when people are tuning you out.

Poor Lizzy is such a sour scold, even Massive-two-spits voters find her…unattractive…

And, from all objective indications, the “war on wimmins” nonsense isn’t getting much respect.

    …even Massive-two-spits voters find her…unattractive

    One of these days this MA conservative might let ‘er rip regarding what I really think about Santorum & Co.

    So far, however, I’ve more or less held my tongue in deference to maintaining the conservative coalition.

    I’m sure that initially many Mass-ers just thought that the VRWC oriented media were distorting Ms Warren’s statement but over time, they have come to realize that she really means this shit.

      gs in reply to Neo. | March 23, 2012 at 4:39 pm

      1. Could be. Even very blue MA is not as blue as one might think. The eastern part, with Boston and Cambridge, is incorrigible; the western part has leftist universities, and NY liberal money summers there. However, a knowledgeable observer wrote that my Congressional district in Central MA would be Republican if not for gerrymandering.

      2. Don’t mistake me: the MA Republican Party will be a minority party for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, it’s closer to being a nonexistent party than a minority party. IMHO too many Republican governors have regarded their position as a steppingstone and have made little effort to create a long-term infrastructure. Such Republicans, like Scott Brown, were elected by independent voters who don’t want to grant the Democrats a one-party state.

      3. Whereas I’m disappointed in Brown, my reaction to Warren has been immediate and sustained visceral loathing. Hopefully her candidacy will fail, but it would be way premature to consider this race over.

Good. I’m ALL in favor of breaking the Democrat’s spirit for the purposes of this election. Demoralizing the Democrat base because of the first 2 years of the Obama Administration and Democrat Control of Congress’ foolishness and then the blocking that the Senate Democrat members have done for Obama (at the risk of their own political lives) is EXACTLY what is needed to EMBARRASS the Democrat voters into not showing their faces in public, let alone voting.

Elizabeth Warren in the US Senate would be a DISASTER in terms of legislation, because she actually does know how to be SUBTLE when she wants to be.

A tweak here, a little language change there, and suddenly you’ve got something that imposes a regulating agency upon the public that bars them from making individual contracts with companies without a government nanny looking over your shoulder.

Let us hope that she continues to have problems motivating her base.

    There is a second advantage to her defeat: it stalls, if not outright ends, Warren’s presidential ambitions. From what I understand, if she gets elected to the Senate, Elizabeth Warren will spend the majority of the next four years running for President, just like Obama when he was elected in ’04.

    The Democrats think they have a new model for picking their presidential candidates. Find someone who can be portrayed as charismatic and above the fray, get them elected to an initial office, and run them fast before they develop a voting record to which they have to be held and nailed down.

Being on the left coast I follow eastern politics only from afar. Elizabeth Warren is a better candidate for the dems to beat Brown than was Martha Coakley exactly how? And Brown, as I understand it, is no conservative, so how does this rhetoric about him being “a radical and waging a war on women” even pass the laugh test?

    Henry Hawkins in reply to G Joubert. | March 23, 2012 at 2:09 pm

    Dem/lib speak is all about keywords. They needn’t be true.

    We’re are talking about a party that NOW considers Bill Cliton to moderate, to centrist. On the political scale, Scott Brown is to the Left of JFK, yet Democrats this he’s right-wing. Democrats have no sense that they fell off the left side of the scale long ago.

Agree with Skinner … E. Warren in the Senate would be hellish, so may she fail and rot there.

Speaking of hell … nice pick for video of the day, Professor, my all time favorite rocker with pipes in the original version with Ellen Foley.

    Aridog in reply to Aridog. | March 23, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    For pedantic out there, yes, I am aware that it is Karla De Vito in the MTV video, miming the words sung by Ellen Foley. De Vito went on and performed the song live on the tour IIRC.

Yet after a multitude of brilliant professional politicians and political pundits spent a majority of their time and energy dictating that “that social issues should be OFF THE TABLE” all we normal people ever hear about is the right to contraception,Republicans stealing Lady’s parts, free Planned Parenthood abortion, unlimited porn and who is more gaymarriagey than the other.

Meanwhile; in the real world America is facing:

-$16 trillion in debt and rising,
-energy costs soaring out of this world,
-a DOJ ‘Fast and Furiously’ becoming the Department of Injustice,
-an overwhelming number of college students who have stupidly racked up over a trillon $$$ in student loans only to find themselves the permanently unemployable Lost Generation living in their Mommy and Daddy’s basement where they spend the rest of their lives glued to the Porn Channel while munching through bags of stale Cheetoes,
– the housing market continuing to decline further into a deep pit of foreclosure and
-a nuclear-armed Iran nearing the day when they will blow to bits both Israel and NYC.

Uncle Samuel | March 23, 2012 at 3:58 pm

Just a little refresher and review of this administration, so far:

Obama’s other firsts –

There may be some overlap…and yet it may still not be complete.

As AlGore said once of the Clinton years, only about 1-2% of the dirt and scandal has yet been revealed.

Get a dose of her in jackboots and kilt
She’s killer-diller when she’s dressed to the hilt
She’s the kind of a girl that makes the news of the web
Yes you could say she was attractively built
Yeah yeah yeah

Serious issues face this country, and the Democrats hone in on frivolous crap. Gay marriage. Whether female college students can have free birth control pills. Whether it’s worse if someone is murdered because of a hate crime, or just for the twenty bucks in his wallet. Saving the Delta Smelt.

So… Elizabeth Warren wishes Obama was as evolved as Dick Cheney?

good grief, enough already! can everybody, on both the left and the right, stop dragging gay citizens into EVERYTHING? how about taking a year or so off? our gay friends, neighbors, and family could use a break.

Elizabeth Warren… the communist… *l*
she has little chance to win such.
voters aren’t that crazy.

The democrats spirit will be broken in 2012 it will be such a bloodbath for them. I practically think that is the only reason they have OWS around – to violently riot; they will probably rampage like the muslims do to get the election results changed in their favor… and I’d guess 0bama would goad them on.

so far, 0bama seems to be ending up like Jimmy Carter – you can already see signs of that with him getting less campaign donations, and the high gas prices.