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WI Recall ’12

WI Recall ’12

Wisconsin and national unions, and every assortment of Democratic groups, are trying to recall Gov. Scott Walker. First they have to get over 500,000 signatures on petitions, and if they manage it, the recall election will be sometime in the spring of 2012.

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This is the mother of all recall battles.  It looks like Democrats and unions filed enough petition signatures to have a recall election, probably in the spring or summer.

This is the fight they have been looking for, but it really is the fight we should have been looking for.  The recall effort will be a referendum on whether there is any hope of taking back government from public sector employee unions, and whether a swing state is more interested in growing the economy or growing unions.

It’s a battle which is very winnable for Walker.  Wisconsin is doing better than the rest of the nation, there is recall fatigue, and most important, there will be a challenger who will have to make the case why s/he should be Governor.

Take nothing for granted (notwithstanding my prior prediction).  Go all in on this one.  If Democrats and unions lose, it will be a devasting blow coming in the middle of a presidential election year.


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The recallers are scheduling a protest march at Walker’s personal home in Wauwatosa (WI) tonight (Tuesday). They’re floating numbers like “hundreds are expected”. Free bus transportation will be provided from Oshkosh (75 miles north) and other Fox River Valley towns–provided by the teachers’ union.

If nothing else, this will be the most un-civil recall in Wisconsin history.

Already caught in petition drive fraud! (“We will be names from headstones and making recall petitions with the names we find.”) –h/t jim hoft

Democrat website calls out volunteers to ‘get names at the West Bend cemetery’ for recall petitions. See:

Here is a heck of a post by Ann.

As you said, take nothing for granted.

As of three weeks ago, Walker was not polling well. He was losing support even among Republicans.

    gs in reply to gs. | December 8, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    Picked up from the twitter feed, this likely has something to do with the polling: Wisconsin ends November with over 3 times as many new unemployment claims as any other state.

Check out some actual examples of WI recall petition fraud at this website.

But don’t worry: the hilariously-named “Government Accountability Board” won’t check for fraud – nor will it accept the work of “outside groups”, which verify the petitions.

“At a meeting on Tuesday, February 7 the board declared that it would not accept the assistance of outside groups that were offering their services to help in the recall petition verification process.”

    berni in reply to logos. | February 19, 2012 at 3:02 pm


    We the majority of voters, who elected Scott Walker in the first place, have had to sit quietly fuming for some months now.

    The Democratic Primary will possibly have 4 candidates splitting the vote.

    If 500,000 of us turn out, and write in Scott Walker, it ’ s a slam dunk for the good guys, and all taxpayers.

    We CAN defeat the recall of Scott Walker!

    Wisconsin will become the third state ever to attempt recalling their Governor. In order to defeat the other side we must be more united than ever. With that thought in mind we should be committed to seeing we retain Scott Walker

    The first step is to vote in the Democratic primary election and write-in Scott Walker.

    If we can gain a majority of the votes in the democratic primary we will have defeated the democrats at their game and save the tax payers millions of dollars ..

    Send this on to all of your friends in Wisconsin who are tired of the recall rhetoric. If we all participate in this perfectly legal act of freedom, we will defeat those that wish us to go back to the days of $3.6 billion dollar deficits.

The good news about the recall vote fraud is multiple-fold, even as the recall goes forward, and even if there was so much fraud that perhaps it should never have been certified to begin with …

(1) It gives Walker a moral high ground going into the recall and an opportunity to frame (and de-legitimize) his opponents as endorsers of wholesale fraud

(whereas rolling back barely enough votes to de-certify the recall it down would have done damage to his cause by giving a taint).

The fraud is so widespread and so flagrant, it will not make the average Wisconsin more sympathetic to the union cause, and will taint them.

(2) The amount of fraud votes is so high, and the union so vested in having to defend it that they are forced to believe their own hype, to their detriment. At the same time, the signature counts scare Walker supporters to rally ever more strongly to be sure about their cause.

The reality is that a recall signature is much easier to cast fraudulently than a general election ballot, and that the unions have a “gap” between their perceived enthusiasm/support and actual.

From experience, trying to rally new people to your cause so you can actually get somewhere close to the number of votes you already claimed you had (but don’t) is more difficult (its demoralizing) … than trying to fight a seemingly huge groundswell of opposition that is weaker than it appears (its actually hugely energizing as the paper tiger retreats). Simply put, its more fun to be David than Goliath when David starts winning and discovers he is an even match.

(3) While not the same process, the time spent grappling with the governmental agencies while only sharpen Walker’s supporters as to what they need to do to ensure a fair election.

(4) Wisconsin is such a successful public union reform story, the numbers are so compelling, that the more it is in the public eye, the better it will be for the right-to-work and pension reform activists.

Its going to hurt nationally, ultimately, not just locally, and provide a platform for years to come, as well as harden a whole bunch of future Republican leaders, especially Walker himself.

Walker still has a bright future ahead of him if he wins this election, and the unions are panicking because they know it.

While Mitch Daniels managed it more quietly, and achieved more to greater ends around union reform, Indiana is also more Red and Mitch’s time has come and is now receding. (which is not to make light of his popularity across party lines … he ran approvals in the mid-60s while reforming government).

I am attending the International Cheese Technology Expo in downtown Milwaukee….. Our luncheon speaker is the Honorable Gov. Scott Walker…. About 1000 people in attendance ….. He received a standing ovation from about 98% of the people when he was introduced!!

I’ve been watching the overall Wisconsin situation from the beginning.

Wisconsin, 2012 General, and other elections:

Polling: Obviously those willing to commit fraud in elections won’t have any compunctions about fraudulent Polls, but early last week someone pointed out that a Wisconsin Recall Poll using “Likely Voters” and sampling proportional to current registrations was highly favorable to Gov. Walker.

All to frequently I think polls get created as Propaganda as “Another Tool to Shape The News” and we all know the “Proffesion” whose mission is to “Shape the News”…don’t they teach that the whole but only purpose of the First Amendment was to provide for the “Rights of Journalists”.

[tongue in cheek]

[Long Live “Citizens United”!]

Steelbutterfly | May 23, 2012 at 12:39 am

I volunteer with a group called True The Vote which helped verify signatures on the Wisconsin recall petitions. We are still working on finishing up the verification database. This past weekend we sent a number of people to WI to train people in 8 different locations to replicate our methods.

The wonderful thing about True the Vote is that anyone from anywhere in the U. S. can join and help clean up voter fraud in your own county and state. The group was started in 2009, and in 2010 we had almost 1000 trained poll watchers in precincts all over Harris County Texas (Houston). This year we hope to have 3000 people deployed in November! We are cleaning out dead voters and multiple registrations, as well as challenging noncitizen registrations. Check out the website and get involved!