anti-Israeli liar and agitator capable of? Maybe almost setting off violence by deliberately spreading false rumors regarding a pending Jewish destruction of the Al-aqsa Mosque.  He’s not in Egypt, or Saudi Arabia, or Yemen.  He’s right here, and he runs the nasty Electronic Intifada blog, and was active at the recent BDS conference at the Univ. of PA.

Other than that, I’m in a good mood.  I’ve picked up on some new blogs lately you might want to check out:

Some headlines and stories:

  • So it’s Sunday night, and only 84% of Maine precincts are reporting yet Mitt has been declared the winner of the caucus by less than 200 votes?  Maybe Ron Paul is onto something here: “Webster, the state GOP chairman, says Romney’s 194-vote margin over Paul is a “snapshot in time” that fairly and accurately represented the results of the Maine caucuses through the announcement Saturday evening at a Maine GOP event in Portland.”  A “snapshot in time” — that’s what the ME Republican Party is calling it?
  • Pat’s head is spinning form the White House babble.
  • Red Cross cancels blood collection because of threatened Teamsters strike.  Hope no one gets hurt in the strike and needs blood.
  • If contraception is a fundamental right which must be given to women for free, why isn’t this too? (oh, it will be, eventually).
  • Speaking of which:


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