We are at the mercy of misleading statistics which nonetheless form the media narrative.

I posted earlier today about workers leaving the workforce in droves, which drives down the nominal unemployment rate and renders it a misleading statistic.  Yet the details are the details, and the headlines are the headlines.

Here are some headlines:



NY Times:


These headlines from major news services will be repeated thousands of times at other newspapers and websites.

We are kidding ourselves if we nominate a non-ideological candidate, someone running just on the economy.  It’s a point I have made before in response to “improved” unemployment numbers:

We better make the election about the conservative versus liberal vision things.

Otherwise, we will be at the mercy of the headline writers, who are liberals and Obama supporters.

Update 10:10 p.m.:  Bill Whittle via The Right Scoop:

This idea that we have to appeal to people who have no ideology by eliminating our own ideology is exactly backwards. We have an ideology that historically worked and provided levels of prosperity and freedom that have been unparalleled in the history of the world. And our GOP leadership is afraid of this. They’re terrified of it and the nominee will not stand up and defend it. And so we’re going to give up the winning story to go to some amorphous thing in the middle and I predict it’s not going to turn out well.


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