Being the mainstream media means making birth control an election issue, then wondering aloud why birth control is an election issue.

Disingenuous Tweet of the Day:

The tweet links to an article titled Birth control as election issue? Why?

The issue of birth control has suddenly become an obsession of the 2012 presidential campaign. To many observers, it seems that the clock has indeed been turned back.

Birth control is not an obsession of the presidential campaign.  As Ed Morrissey explains, it is an obession of the mainstream media, which took an issue of religious freedom and tried to turn it into a supposed threat by Republicans to ban contraception.

It started in earnest with the George Stephanopolous grilling of Mitt Romney on the subject at the New Hampshire debate in early January, trying to get Romney to say states have the right to ban contraception.  Even as to Rick Santorum, the issue was simply a hypothetical states’ power issue, not a public policy argument that states should ban contraception.

Since then, WaPo has run dozens of articles focusing on the contraception issue, and both its left (Greg Sargent) and (allegedly) right (Jennifer Rubin) bloggers along withWaPo columists, have brought up the issue almost daily.

The mainstream media, with WaPo in the lead, created a phony controversy regarding birth control, and now is shocked, just shocked that it has become an election issue.

Don’t think for a second that in this election cycle anything has changed.


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