• What a hack, Jim Talent who was used as Romney hit man on Newt now is going after Rick as well.  Come on, bring back John Sununu.
  • Alan West is being followed
  • Cataloging signature fraud and error on the WI recall.
  • The quote Rick uses in his advertising and all over his website and in his press releases that he was “a tea party kinda guy before the Tea Party even existed” comes from WaPo reporter Karen Tumulty in 2010, hardly an expert on the subject.
  • What do you know, Drudge is linking to anti-Santorum page at The Daily Paul.
  • Thank you Cornell Insider and Cornell Review.
  • More to follow.
  • I guess I’m not alone.  I hate having to turn the channel away from Fox News, but I find myself doing it increasingly (and not just when Coulter is on).
  • What does “for now” mean? Maine GOP: Romney win will stand for now (h/t @JonahNRO)
  • Actually, maybe it was a good thing I didn’t go to CPAC.  “Women will be future leaders, too, and I was dismayed to see how many of them either looked frumpish or like two-bit whores.” (someone disagrees)
  • I’m against federal tort reform (what don’t you understand about limited federal government?) and arbitratry damage caps, so I can sue you for unlimited amounts and not worry that it will look hypocritical when I run for President.
  • And
  • It’s amazing what upsets the editors of National Review, this, but not this.  Funny, because this writer understood exactly what NR meant when it called on Newt to exit.  (h/t Windy City in the comments).
  • Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I’ll see it when I believe it:  “Mitt Romney’s campaign — and its slashing Super PAC — are locking their sights on Rick Santorum for a campaign that may make previous attacks on Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich look like mere love taps.” (h/t CWLsun in Tip Line)


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