The best evidence that Newt is rising in South Carolina is that the Romney campaign is rolling out a new effort to paint Newt as “unreliable.”

It’s the campaign theme that worked well for Romney in Iowa, when Romney rolled out his strategy of crazy.

Operation Zany has been quiet lately, but no more:

Although I can’t find a link yet, Fox News reported a few minutes ago that Romney is rolling out former Senator Jim Talent, who led the smear campaign in December. (video added)

Is this some sort of theater of the absurd? I’ll modify my prior explanation of clarity:

We are on a path to nominate someone who campaigned against Reagan, campaigned against the Contract with America, campaigned against those who are pro-Life, campaigned against 2d Amendment rights, campaigned against conservatism, and designed and enacted the precursor to Obamacare from which he will not back away, yet may successfully convince Republican voters that he is the most reliable conservative.

Operation Zany is working like a charm … on us.


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