Yes, my thoughts exactly:

National Review lost any credibility to chime in on the primaries when it ran its infamous Marvin the Martian cover and issue in late December.

At least Andy McCarthy understood at the time:

For the Editors to single out Gingrich for this kind of raking — particularly when his accomplishments in government dwarf anything his rivals have managed to achieve — fails the test of judgment conservatives expect from National Review. The transcendent mission of our founder calls for explicating principled conservative arguments about the great issues of the day, not “winnowing” intra-GOP primaries….

Sure, National Review as an entity is entitled to an opinion, but it’s one that should be disregarded as emotionally tainted.

When Rick Santorum wins some big primary states were everyone is competing, when his “true conservative” credentials are understood, and when he is tested as he has not been so far by the Romney attack machine, then we can talk.

When Newt had his second surge in South Carolina his policy and personal foibles had been fully vetted, and only a $17 million lying and deceiving Romney attack in Florida brought Newt back down.  Romney was aided by people like Elliott Abrams, who misleadingly attacked Newt’s Reagan history in National Review and had his false allegations trumpeted by Drudge for days.

When Santorum shows that he can withstand the money, media and politicial bombs that Romney can drop, then he can claim the mantle; until then, we cannot afford to have him be the sole remaining not-Romney.

Indeed, why are we even talking about a not-Romney.  If nothing else, the past weeks since South Carolina have shown Romney to be a profoundly weak frontrunner, someone who has even establishment types worried.

Maybe Romney should be the one dropping out if he does poorly in Michican and on Super Tuesday.  Then we can have a battle of the two conservatives.

Until then, hang in there Newt.

Update:  Dear Speaker Gingrich.

And (h/t HotAir):