That’s Greta’s commentary on Mitt Romney’s campaign announcing it would send Newt a birthday cake to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of his censure by the House:

I don’t know about you but with all the serious issues confronting our nation and for our next President to address, whether it be President Obama or a Republican, I find this gesture … from the Romney campaign to make them look very junior high.  If Governor Romney even knows about this (and he may not), he should pull the plug on this prank.  It doesn’t make his campaign (and thus him) look presidential. He wants to appear Presidential right now.  It is one thing to point out and emphasize differences and experiences, it is another to ridicule.

Romney’s campaign manager tweeted about it today, linking to a page at Romney’s campaign site titled Happy 15th Anniversary, Mr. Speaker.

If Mitt wanted to deliver a cake Newt today, he had his opportunity this morning when they were both scheduled to appear at the same time at Tommy’s Country Ham House.  Newt challenged Romney to an impromtu debate, but Mitt arrived early and left before Newt arrived.

I think Greta had it right.

Update:  Via Sybilll in the comments:


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