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The most popular video of the week was ….

The most popular video of the week was ….

No, not the video I posted of Nancy Reagan.

It was, according to Israel Matzav, a video of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wishing China a Happy New Year, receiving 40 million views not including people who viewed it on Chinese television:



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Can we borrow Bibi for the next twelve months?

What a remarkable man the Israelis have for a leader.

I think that they will need every last measure of his talents to survive the next few years.

Meh. Not too keen on this. I suppose he’s offering these wishes to the Chinese people, but then why concentrate only on the Mainland? Chinese support of Iran is partially responsible for keeping in power people inimical to the very existence of Israel. I wouldn’t be ready to offer any olive branches at this time.

How fitting. We will be needing Israel to negotiate on our behalf with the Chinese someday. And history proves they won’t [email protected] on us like we have on them.

It’s a crime the way this Administration has left our relations in the Middle East and especially our democratic ally, Israel.


It’s hard to imagine Obama doing similar PR on America’s behalf without apologizing and bowing. Bibi rocks!

On Tuesday evening, Pardo addressed an audience of about 100 Israeli ambassadors. According to three ambassadors present at the briefing, the intelligence chief said that Israel was using various means to foil Iran’s nuclear program and would continue to do so, but if Iran actually obtained nuclear weapons, it would not mean the destruction of the State of Israel.

My interpretation is that Israel doesn’t see one nuclear weapon as the end of the world. Israel could (painfully) absorb a preemptive strike by one weapon, and then leave Iran with a big hurt of their own.
It would be MAD (mutually assured destruction) to assume that there are enough virgins in heaven.

I soooooo love this man!

Re: What do Chinese people think of Jews?

I remember reading about a spate of anti-Semitic writings by popular authors in Japan in the 1980s just before moving there.

I think it’s more a reflection of the country’s leftist intelligentsia than it is of the Japanese people. One evening I was eating and drinking at a yatai (outdoor portable food/bar carts which owners wheel out at night) and had a nice, drunken conversation with the Japanese man sitting next to me. He was asking all kinds of questions about America and suddenly asked if Jews controlled everything. I was taken aback, but I sensed sincere curiosity on his part. He seemed to accept my explanation that, no, Jews did not “control” America, but that their success was often turned against them by their enemies.

The leftist media/intelligentsia in countries can really plant potentially nefarious seeds in the populace’s minds.

My wife had never met a Jew until we moved to America. She has come a long, long, way.

When our oldest daughter was in middle school, I was very busy working full time and going to grad school (in addition to occasionally teaching English to immigrants at night school).

I would go to bed early and wake up about 3 a.m. to study or make a lesson plan.

Then, suddenly, almost every week it seemed my wife would tell me I’d have to stay up late to pick up our daughter at one of her friends’ Bat Mitzvahs. I was happy our shy daughter, who didn’t have many close friends in elementary school, suddenly seemed to be overflowing with friends. But one night when I was really tired and sleepy and my wife told me I’d have to stay up late to pick our daughter up at yet another Bat Mitzvah, I whined,

“For crying out loud. Is this the way it’s going to be until she goes off to college?”

My Japanese wife: “Ummm … I think it’s just this year when the girls all turn 12.”

LukeHandCool (who felt really stupid … especially since he grew up with Jews and his wife had never met one before the age of 25).

I just know that Netanyahu was born in Hawaii. Now if we could just get that state to cooperate.

Hell his name even sounds Hawaiian..


Henry Hawkins | January 28, 2012 at 5:48 pm

I sense that Bibi is one tough hombre. I wonder if this kid is related to him:

The Chinese have their false trinity: knowledge, exercise, money. I use the first member of their unholy trinity to teach them about Jews cuz I know that will impress them. What do I do? I show them Israel on a map. Then I show them the total population of Jews in the entire world. Then I show them how many Jews have won Nobel Prizes as a percentage compared to their population size.

The invariable response, said very approvingly and admiringly, is these Jews are smart people. Yes. These Jews are good to know.

Finally, a break from the hopelessness of the GOP electioneering. And what a choice! Baruch Hashem Adonai!
Binyamin in Hebrew is “Son of my right hand) connoting strength. He is a strong leader.

No one mentioned the Chinese Jews, probably the lost tribe of Israel. Here are some Chinese(nationality and ethnically) who are orthodox observant Jews. God made Jews in all colors!
First Mission to Colony of Chinese Orthodox Jews; Undertaken by Society Formed at Shanghai for the Purpose of Restoring Rather Than Converting — Facts Concerning the Congregation at Kaifengfu in the Interior.
Chinese Jews making aliyah