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Netanyahu at the U.N. – Theater of the Absurd

Netanyahu at the U.N. – Theater of the Absurd

Benjamin Netanyahu’s full speech at the U.N. today was a masterpiece. It is available at the U.N. website.  Listen to the whole thing, it’s about 45 minutes.

Here is a clip of most of it:

Contrast it with the delusional and dishonest speech of Mahmoud Abbas at the U.N. today which included this line:

I come before you today from the Holy Land, the land of Palestine, the land of divine messages, ascension of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the birthplace of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), to speak on behalf of the Palestinian people in the homeland and in the Diaspora, to say, after 63 years of suffering of an ongoing Nakba: Enough.

Not the land of “Jews.”  Only Christians and Muslims.  And 63 years of suffering, not since the 1967 war but since from the 1948 War of Independence in Israel.

They still don’t accept Jewish historical ties to the land or the Jewish state.  That is the problem.

Update:  Here’s what Abbas told 200 Palestinian Americans just prior to his speech:

“They talk to us about the Jewish state, but I respond to them with a final answer: We shall not recognize a Jewish state,” Abbas said in a meeting with some 200 senior representatives of the Palestinian community in the US, shortly before taking the podium and delivering a speech at the United Nations General Assembly.


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When the chips are down, Bibi seems to really deliver these days.

I know that we can’t run Bibi for president after he’s done being PM because he was born abroad, but he would make a wonderful secretary of state. In the past, he lived for years in America (Pennsylvania, I believe). Why not live here again, Bibi? We need a secretary of state who doesn’t go around handing out silly “reset” contraptions while engaging in stupid “smart diplomacy.”

There cannot be peace now with the Arabs because they are unwilling to recognize that Jews have a right to live and to also have their own nation state. How can anyone believe that there can be peace with the Arabs under those conditions?

More importantly, when Obama and other western leaders demand that Arabs acknowledge that Jews have the right to life, then peace might then be possible.

Nice speech, but you cannot make a hamburger with rotten meat.

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Abbas speaks of the birthplace of Jesus Christ? Christians have been driven out of every Islamic nation in the middle east. All else aside, the these people should be mocked openly, constantly, derisively every where they appear, evry time. That they aren’t is more disgraceful than their lunacy.

That was a brilliant speech. Bibi is such a great statesman. He explained clearly the history, the struggle, and the open hand he has extended, always open to the leaders of militant Islam, who reject peace.

How brave that he stood and spoke TRUTH, and called out both Iran and The PA/Hamas leader after speaking such hatred of Israel just this week in the UN. And to remind the UN body that they are the ones who established the Israeli state in 1948 but have been working and acting against her ever since.

“Theater of the absurd.” Truer words….

“Not the land of “Jews.”  Only Christians and Muslims.” Er, Wm, you got this wrong. Abbas is referring only to Muslims and not to Christians either. You forget that Muslims have a guy named Jesus, too, but he is not the Christian Jesus. He’s just some prophet or other. Abbas has just rewritten history and, signifying Islamic intent, wiped BOTH Jews AND Christians out of the Holy Land.

The imagery in that speech was fantastic. The one liners were well written, well placed and VERY effective. His body language, throughout the WHOLE speech, was absolutely incredible; perfectly synced with either drawing in the listener, or putting them back in their seat with force. Some particular favorites (which mostly came right in a row starting about 17 minutes into the speech):

– Israeli’s remember the bitter lessons of Gaza; many of Israel’s critics ignore them. They irresponsibly advise Israel to go down this same perilous path again. You read what these people say and it’s like nothing happened.

– [the critics of Israel] praise those who unwittingly feed the insatiable crocodile of militant Islam as bold statesmen. They cast as enemies of peace those of us who insist that we must first erect a sturdy barrier to keep the crocodile out, or at the very least jam an iron bar between its gaping jaws.

– Better a bad press than a good eulogy, and better still would be a fair press whose sense of history extends beyond breakfast, and which recognizes Israel’s legitimate security concerns.

– Without Judea and Samaria, the West Bank, Israel is all of 9 miles wide. I want to put it for you in perspective, because you’re all in the city. That’s about twothirds the length of Manhattan. It’s the distance between Battery Park and Columbia University. And don’t forget that the people who live in Brooklyn and New Jersey are considerably nicer than some of Israel’s neighbors.

I also liked that he called out Hamas for violating international law on the holding of Gilad Shalit and that very nation represented here should demand his immediate release. If you want to pass a resolution about the Middle East today, that’s the resolution you should pass.

Basically from here on out, every time that the Squatters get their dander up, and every time someone tries to ‘defend’ them as a ‘repressed minority’ or attack Israel as an ‘apartheid state’ those individuals should be directed to this speech, and then to the recent statement made by the Palestinian officials “that the Palestinian state won’t
allow any Jews in it. They’ll be Jew-free — Judenrein.”

Netanyahu put it perfectly: “That’s ethnic cleansing. There are laws today in Ramallah that make the selling of land to Jews punishable by death. That’s racism. And you know which laws this evokes.”

Jusuchin (Military Otaku) | September 24, 2011 at 1:55 am

I think I’m welling up just by reading the transcript. I can’t imagine actually hearing him say it. I shall be a supporter of Israel until the day I die Prime Minister.

Here you go professor. I know it’s off topic, but I also know you love the Hava Nagila. This one is Texas Style, and one of my favorites:

This Michael Ramirez cartoon rather succinctly sums up the obverse viewpoint. (ht John Hinderaker, at Powerline, here.)

TeaPartyPatriot4ever | September 24, 2011 at 9:04 pm

As always, PM Netanyahu speaks the Truth..  but will, as always, fall on deaf and dumb and blind ears, eyes, and hate loving, anti-semitic, closed minds..  as this is the UN..

You cannot negotiate with radical hate mongering terrorists, murderers, and their medieval barbaric cult, called islam.  They worship death, and the darkness of evil itself.. Their people are brainwashed with this vile hatred and evil attitudes, and thus will never, and can never be trusted, period.  These are the same people who enslave their women, stone their women to death, and indoctrinate them to believe all of this is God’s will.. and should accept all of this, and be good islamic muslims, and assist in the hatred, destruction, and genocide of the Jewish people..  Now tell me, what civilized Free society would ever accept this as good and normal..  NO ONE..  as it is what it is in reality..  and what do liberals advocate and support..  the arab islamc muslm cause of Israel’s annihilation..  not the peace and safety and security of Israel, and the Jews, let alone the Christians..  This is the Liberals unholy alliance in America and Europe..  and is why Israel and PM Netanyahu, has the FULL Unconditional support, of all Patriotic Constitutional Conservatives in America.

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