I’ll have more on Bibi Netanyahu’s speech to a Joint Session of Congress later.  For now, I’ll quote reader Deborah who e-mailed me as follows:

As I listened to the live broadcast of Bibi Netanyahu’s speech, I thought to myself that HE’s reminding us of who we are. We’re NOT the moral relativists and effete European socialists that the current administration wants us to be. Listening to Netanyahu was like listening to our collective conscience trying to remind us of who we really are.

It was a truly amazing speech, with personal anecdotes about his own combat experience “in the Suez Canal” (he emphasized “in”) and the loss of his brother, a history lesson on Arab rejectionism, and a reframing of the narrative around the Palestinian refusal to accept a Jewish state.

But what struck me the most was that Netanyahu made the case for the greatness of the United States, without apology, without equivocation, and without dwelling on our imperfections.

When Netanyahu was interrupted by a heckler, he used it to make a point:

It was Reaganesque. 

And in a sad way, it reminded me of what we are missing.

Update: Here is the entire speech, which Politico described with the headline Benjamin Netanyahu Wows Congress and ABC’s The Note counted 29 standing ovations, 4 more than Obama received at his State of the Union.  (Transcript here.)


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