Six hours in the car alone with large gaps in radio coverage (or at least any radio you would want to listen to) can have a clarifying effect.

And so it did:

We are on a path to nominate someone who campaigned against Reagan, campaigned against the Contract with America, campaigned against those who are pro-Life, campaigned against 2d Amendment rights, campaigned against conservatism, and designed and enacted the precursor to Obamacare from which he will not back away.

It’s a good thing it wasn’t an 8-hour car ride, or I’d really be upset.

Update:  And who is leading us down this path? A conservative punditry which (in some cases) is a sad joke, like this, S.E. Cupp, Newt Gingrich, natural woman:

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. No one in the modern era, save maybe Lorena Bobbitt, has proved the axiom more true than our gal pal Newton Leroy Gingrich, who is now — let’s face it — a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

I don’t like to peddle in sexist stereotypes, but the poor girl is an emotional wreck, and needs an intervention. As part of the womanfolk clan myself, it’s therefore my duty to give Ms. Gingrich a serious reality check, and save her from herself. Because…I care.

Somewhere Meghan McCain is laughing.

Update No.2:  Santorum launches his first (?) attack ad on Romney after enduring days of Romney’s SuperPAC running attack ads against him:


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