Q.  Who was the last person to actually cut government?

As pointed out at C4P:

Rush is correct. Newt was indeed the last person to substantially cut Government and execute reform.

However; what folks seem to confuse that with is the idea that Newt actually “cut” budgets. That was never true. He cut Government, balanced a budget, and passed Welfare Reform. Up until the Obama administration in 2009, the passing became “Clinton’s welfare reform” among liberals who were originally reluctant to Newt’s idea. They then decided to shift the credit to Clinton once they saw how successful it was.

Further, it needs to be noted that Welfare Reform was rolled back entirely with Obama’s stimulus in 2009.

Another must read is Rush’s The So-Called Conservative Media Attacks Newt Gingrich:

And finally, the Tweet of the Day from Jazz Shaw, referencing this post exercise in self-parody, Gingrich: Most likely to kiss up to the liberal elite:

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