I posted yesterday the spot on article by Byron York, The insider-outsider divide over Newt Gingrich, which delves into the great divide between Washington Republican political players (politicians and media) who have their noses out of joint over Newt because he was mean to them in the 1990s, and the general Republican electorate which remembers the glory days of the takeover of the House, the Contract with America, balanced budgets, and welfare reform.

There is a disbelief how a Tea Party-motivated electorate could support an “insider” like Newt, particularly an insider who did not make many friends in the Republican party and media.

I think the question answers itself.  Newt is not seen as beholden to anyone, and that is what makes his insider status non-toxic, and a plus.  He’s the insider who is on the outs with the insiders.

Update:  Tweet of Day from @FloridaJayhawk:

And, now this, let’s let Nancy Pelosi select our nominee, or at least scare us away from someone:


Newt’s response is at Right Scoop.


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