I’m really looking forward to the Fox News Iowa Debate on December 15 in Sioux City.

Really looking forward to it, because Romney has to go after Newt big time.  He can’t leave it to Ron Paul or Michele Bachmann.  It’s Tim Pawlenty time if he doesn’t do it, and do it successfully.

But I doubt he can.  Because Newt is too good at rolling with the punches and turning a negative into a positive by turning not to name calling, but to history.

Newt did it to Glenn Beck the other day on the issue of whether Newt was a progressive in the Teddy Roosevelt tradition; Newt gave Beck a history lesson on Roosevelt.

And when Romney seeks to paint Newt as a career politician and someone who doesn’t understand the economy, Newt will respond by mocking the notion:

Newt looks like he’s having fun.  Don’t underestimate the power of fun.