The latest polling has caused an avalanche of attacks on Newt from just about every corner:

  • Newt had an extensive interview with Glenn Beck (audio and transcript).  Beck hammered Newt on all the known Newt policy issues, and all of the questions were appropriate.  I think Newt handled it extremely well. Listen to the audio, and Newt fully addresses accusations that he is a “progressive.”  Beck has been a frequent critic of Newt, which shows that Newt is not afraid to go into a hostile forum. (added) Katrina Trinko has a good sampling of excerpts from the interview.
  • Michele Bachmann again shows why I never could vote for her (other than against Obama).  She was on Greta last night repeating like a mindless robot that Newt wants to legalize 11 million illegal aliens, and on the Beck show calling Newt a “frugal socialist.” Really, we can do better than Bachmann, please I hope I never have to vote for her.
  • Ron Paul is going negative for 4-5 days of new anti-Newt ads in Iowa.
  • Romney backer Ramesh Ponnuru is warning about “heartbreak” if Newt gets the nomination; Jennifer Rubin is doing her usual anti-Newt routine; and Rush is going all out as I type pointing out that the beltway Republican media is going all out against Newt.
  • MSNBC, picking up on a theme pushed last week by Politico, is accusing Newt of having a “split personality.”
  • A “conservative” concern troll at The Atlantic who always has been anti-Tea Party is saying Newt will be the end of the Tea Party.

If Newt survives the next two weeks in the lead, it will be hard to stop him.

I think he will survive the onslaught because none of these critics (other than the candidates themselves) makes the case for anyone else.  It’s just trying to tear down the latest challenger to Romney.