I have linked to posts by Caroline Glick since the early days of this blog.  Glick is one of the clearest voices on the dangers to Israel and the highly negative effects of Obama administration policy.

Glick has weighed in on Newt’s comments about the Palestinians (h/t LukeHandCool in the Tip Line).

Glick runs through the historical accuracy of Newt’s comments, and then addresses a number of the criticisms from various sides.  The part I found most interesting was how Glick rebutted and rebuked the argument made by Mitt Romney supporters in the media who tried to score domestic political points by claiming that the comments were irresponsible and would make Israel’s life more difficult.  Glick singled out Jennifer Rubin for particular criticism.

Glick made the point that rather than make life difficult for Israel, Newt gave hope:

When Romney criticized Gingrich’s statement as unhelpful to Israel, Gingrich replied, “I feel quite confident that an amazing number of Israelis found it nice to have an American tell the truth about the war they are in the middle of, and the casualties they are taking and the people around them who say, ‘They do not have a right to exist and we want to destroy them.'”

And he is absolutely right. It was more than nice. It was heartening.

Thirty years of pre-Obama American lying about the nature of the conflict in an attempt to balance support for Israel with appeasement of the Arabs did not make the US safer or the Middle East more peaceful. A return to that policy under a new Republican president will not be sufficient to restore stability and security to the region.

And the need for such a restoration is acute. Under Obama, the last three years of US abandonment of the truth about Israel for Palestinian lies has made the region less stable, Israel more vulnerable, the US less respected and US interests more threatened.

Gingrich’s statement of truth was not an act of irresponsible flame throwing. It was the beginning of an antidote to Obama’s abandonment of truth and reason in favor of lies and appeasement. And as such, it was not a cause for anger. It was a cause for hope.

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