Reader John forwarded me this quote from Caroline Glick written in late May regarding Obama’s position on Israel’s borders:

The question is, why are American Jewish leaders defending Obama?

It would seem that there are three possible explanations.

The first explanation is fear. Several American Jewish philanthropists have mentioned over the past two years that they fear Obama. If he is reelected, they worry that since he will no longer need Jewish political contributions, he might strike out at Jewish-owned businesses the way he struck out at Republican-owned General Motors car dealerships when he nationalized GM. If they attack Obama for his positions on Israel, they worry that they will give him further justification for going after them.

The obvious response to these fears, it would seem, is to do everything possible to ensure that Obama is not reelected. If he is hostile enough to even consider going after American Jewish interests in a second term, then nothing American Jews do or don’t do will have any impact on him.

Put aside the policy issue.  It may just be that many American Jewish leaders agree with Obama.

Focus on the fear factor.

I think there’s something to the quote, not so much that Obama will “go after” American Jews, but that he will seek to impose borders and other terms of a peace deal on Israel. 

It’s a point I’ve made before; removed of the need to placate the American electorate, which overwhelmingly supports Israel particularly among evangelical Christians, Obama will seek to force his vision on one of the only nations in the world upon which Obama is capable of forcing a solution.

And then all the countries and peoples which hate us will love us.  And he can say, see I earned that Nobel Peace Prize.

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