Newt Gingrich appeared on the Mark Levin Show last night to address a variety of issues.  Levin has been pretty harsh towards Newt at times in the past. Thanks to The Right Scoop for the audio:

I find it very interesting that while Gingrich is more than willing to go on shows where he will be challenged, such as Fox News Center Seat, Mitt Romney has stayed away from situations where he can be questioned.  As reported by The Boston Globe:

Mitt Romney has not appeared on a Sunday news program in 20 months. He has held only a handful of events in recent weeks at which the public was allowed to ask questions….

While Romney has participated in nine presidential debates and nearly 20 town hall meetings, he has stayed away from traditional campaign settings such as Sunday talk shows and avoided extended interviews with much of the national media.  Instead, the campaign has sought to control its message and reach targeted audiences by using social media tools such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. The strategy is designed in part to lower the odds that Romney will make the kind of gaffes that have subsumed the campaigns of other candidates.

Had any other presidential candidate pulled Romney’s hiding act, that candidate would be skewered. (As Sarah Palin was for the past three years by people who now are Romney supporters, even though she was not running for President.)

As I pointed out in my post yesterday, Romney is not being scrutinized or challenged by the media during the primaries.

We are in the absurd position that the one candidate who most needs testing because he is the most likely nominee is the one candidate the media ignores as it devours his opponents.  Buyer beware, we are being fed a false narrative of Romney electability.

I also pointed to a Chicago Sun-Times article arguing that when Romney was at Bain he used a “plunder” strategy for a number of companies.  This is a theme Ted Kennedy used against Romney quite successfully. While new-found Romney supporters like Ann Coulter claim Romney came close to defeating Kennedy, in fact Romney was trounced because the anti-Bain theme worked.

Here’s an apparently unaired anti-Romney television ad which reflects the theme used by Kennedy to defeat Romney, and which will be used the Democrats in 2012:

Yet none of this Bain history has been examined so far in the primaries. The media has taken to digging up rocks to find dirt on Rick Perry, shaking complainers out of the trees against Herman Cain, and trying to sully Newt with innuendos about his consulting business, but Romney remains unexamined.

It’s not that the media hasn’t done it’s job; it’s doing its job of electing Obama quite well by holding its fire on Romney until it is too late for Republicans.  Major Republican and conservative journals that support Romney are equally complicit, as it is in their candidate’s interest to portray everyone but Romney as unelectable.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure that the other Republican candidates have the resources to do it, but you can bet the Obama campaign does and has.

To nominate Mitt Romney without a thorough vetting in the primaries will result in a general election disaster.

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