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“Not exactly a profile in courage” Tweet of the Day

“Not exactly a profile in courage” Tweet of the Day

I’ve enjoyed watching various candidates on Brett Baier’s Center Seat. It’s a place for the panel to question the candidates pretty vigorously.

But one candidate will not appear. It’s inexplicable. And now confirmed:

 Added: Baier still is trying, this time for a one-on-one. If Romney is afraid of Charles Krauthammer, how will he hold up against Obama?

Update – To make matters worse, Romney missed a good opportunity to shut up when it comes to Herman Cain.


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I’m not surprised.

Dr. Romneycare thinks that the nomination is his to lose. He’s going to vote present until the media destroys his opponents.

Jim | November 8, 2011 at 3:36 pm
You are absolutely correct. He is been chosen for us and has no need to actually participate in the process.

Jim | November 8, 2011 at 3:36 pm
You are absolutely correct. He has been chosen for us and has no need to actually participate in the process.

    Doug Wright in reply to Jenny. | November 8, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    Jenny, I thought your first comment was most appropriate but that the second comment might have been slightly off-topic!

    Now, if only there were a way to automatically controll generating our comments, one tht included an autospeller check.

A Republican candidate needing the Conservative vote is too afraid to go on Fox News?

And yet the deceptive flip-flopping unprincipled Global Warming fraudster Harvard-snot Mitt Romney’s Eunuchs considered Sarah Palin ‘unelectable’ because she did go on CBSABCNBCMSNBCCNN’s political shows ‘Kill Conservatives’.

This is the meaning of PRAGMATISM!

Perhaps Mittens needs to spar with Charles and get his groove on. Seriously, can’t the GOP do any better?

While Obama has proven my prediction (Worse than Carter) we are not going to have a Reagan/Carter election in 2012.

We are faced with the Bush/Dukakis race of 1998. All Obama has to do is not ride in a tank to dash the hopes of the RINO. The contest was characterized as “Wimp Vs. Shrimp” and Dukakis had no chance of being anything else but a Shrimp.

This contest is “Stick up his butt vs. Stick it to America”.

Romney won’t choose Palin or anyone else that appeals to conservatives for his running mate. He’s been busy letting the media destroy the few potential running mates out there. By making the only choice left, someone who isn’t as far left as himself (Joe Lieberman is more conservative) he is going to alienate the conservative vote.

I’m really hating the feeling that I’m cast as Cassandra, especially as I wouldn’t look good in the costume. Yet I’m seeing 2012 going only one way. Lots of money thrown away on a Presidential race we are going to lose and not enough spent retaking the Senate and gaining more House seats.

My advice is to avoid giving ANY MONEY to the RNC or to any agency which gives to them, including my beloved NRA. Do your homework. Donate to individual candidates for local, state and Congressional seats. Donate your time to those same races.

Forget the White House. It’s lost.

Fight the battles that can count. The President can issue executive orders all he wants to. We need to replace Boehner with someone who remembers that Congress holds the purse strings and will get legislation to defund every single agency that tries to enforce rogue executive orders. EPA wants to do something? With what money?

FIGHT, yes, but not for lost causes. Fight where we can win and let the enemy feel smug about holding onto one seat while losing many they can’t afford to lose.

It’s not just Romney who missed an opportunity to shut up but his hatchet man Karl Rove.

I still maintain that he is suspect #1 for who is behind this “scandal”.