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Newt surging in Iowa

Newt surging in Iowa

Not really surprising, a trend I have been seeing for quite some time, and boosted by his strong speech at the Iowa GOP Reagan Dinner.

Via Political Wire:

A new We Ask America poll in Iowa finds Herman Cain leading the GOP presidential field with 22%, followed by Newt Gingrich at 18%, Mitt Romney at 15%, and Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul at 11%.

No other candidate gets more than 5%.

What’s interesting is that there still is no Perry surge.  If the “sexual harassment” allegations continue to drag Cain down, expect this to be a Newt v. Romney race.


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I don’t know why (maybe because he’s pudgy) but I was under the impression Newt was about five feet tall.

Now that I see that’s not true, I’m much less worried about a difference-in-physical-stature electoral diaster if he were to debate Obama. He isn’t wearing platform shoes recently, is he?

LukeHandCool (who, as a high school sophomore during Hell Week, twice-a-day football practice, went with his buddies to have lunch in the cafeteria in the Santa Monica Courthouse across the street, and, in the midst of his divorce proceedings with Cher, in “walked” a smiling Sonny Bono … or whatever verb would be used to denote the kind of locomotion when one is walking on what could reasonably be called stilts. Sonny was close to six inches closer to the sun).

One must assume here you are talking about Iowa, and not the race in general.

Has Cain’s percentage dropped appreciably in the past week or am I missing something?

The mix (sexual harassment charges) have been baked into the cake by now, unless there is something much more tangible and compelling than to date.

Newt had a nice bounce but it appears to be at the expense of Perry and Romney, not Cain.

Normally I don’t put much thought into polls given the Iowa Caucus is a few months from now, which can be an eternity.

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