I really don’t want this to turn into one of those foul-mouthed blogs, but this is pushing me to the limit:

Asked if the country’s consistently high unemployment rate made him vulnerable in the upcoming 2012 election, Obama insisted “the least of my concerns at the moment is the politics of a year from now.

Are you kidding me?  This guy has been focused on almost nothing but the 2012 election since the day he took office.  That’s an overstatement.  He’s also been focused on turning us into Greece.

Newt apparently gave a rip-roaring speech in Iowa tonight, got the only standing ovation.  Will post the video if I find it.

What else?

Updates:  Still no video but here’s the assessment of the Iowa GOP Reagan Dinner from Caffeinated Thoughts (an Iowa blog) which live-blogged it:

Mingling around the crowd talking to people… the consensus is Gingrich impressed a lot of people.  There were a few here tonight who decided they were going to support him.  The second name I heard a lot of was Santorum.  I agree with that assessment, I think Gingrich and Santorum had the most substance to their speeches.  Bachmann’s was ok.  Perry’s was fine, but he just didn’t seem to connect with the crowd as much.  Nobody who isn’t already on board with Ron Paul was impressed with him tonight.

And, video from The Right Scoop:


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